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Solar Steam by sunflower

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Doug Wood

Jun 9, 2016


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(At end of actions) Balance of system requirements are highly diverse in terms of application temperatures, footprint of demand, value, cost, and performance.  Least cost is hot water and wet steam plugged into existing systems.  Typical field piping to headers would be ordinary insulated half inch water piping of trivial cost.  Pipe performance nominally  95% at 105 C. Small industries closed on weekends would benefit from two day storage tanks.  Large industries can use annual bore-hole ground storage to match 100% loads. Seasonal heat storage cost depends on ground type, rock most expensive and clay least expensive, typically 30% of system cost.  Annual storage performance can be 90% in very large systems.  NREL Solar Radiation link --

Hemant Wagh

Jul 15, 2016


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India's PM Mr. Modi recently announced Global/International Solar Alliance with HQ to be set up at Delhi. This is welcome initiative & countries in temperate climate zone should actively foster utilization of solar insolation by countries in & around the equator with higher quantities of sunlight reaching the earth surface. He termed it as the 'manifestation of the collective wisdom of leaders of nations in the world'. Such initiatives are quite welcome and should be supported at all forums. Yet, for collective wisdom of mankind to manifest the worldwide implementation of "Swami Vivekananda Fruit Trees Expansion Mission" would be helpful.