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Take advantage of carbon neutral industrial heat for manufacturing, which is now for sale from The Leonardo Corp E-cat SK LENR system



Industrial heat from LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) became available in early 2019.

LENR systems do not emit and harmful radiation or use radioactive fuels and if the reactor gets too hot, the nickel melts and the reaction stops very fast.

Dr. Andrea Rossi invented several LENR systems, and industrial heat from his latest system the E-Cat SK is available today.

Dr. Andrea Rossi is using a new approach to bringing the E-Cat SK to market, rather than gaining acceptance from the peer review process, Dr. Rossi is selling industrial heat directly to customers and counting on their reviews of the performance of his LENR systems.

Dr. rossi is taking a different approach for security of his invention, but please remember the Leonardo corporation is only selling the industrial heat that they produce.

If The E-Cat SK does not work there would be no costs involved, or profits for Leonardo Corp.

The E-cat has been validated by some of the top scientists we have, who risked their reputations to validate a very controversial Black Swan technology.

The E-Cat underwent a 32 hour test followed by 350 day evaluation and passed with great success.

The E-Cat SK is a 22 kW modular system which uses nickel and two types of lithium and a tiny amount of hydrogen in a patented pill form.

Some scientists say the World may never run out of fuel for LENR systems, others say a billion years is possible, time will tell, if mankind survives that long.

Industrial heat is one of the largest emitters of Co2 emissions.

By implementing industrial heat from LENR into manufacturing; Co2 emissions can be reduced very fast.

What actions do you propose?

We need our governments to invest a few billion into the research and mass production of LENR systems.

Industrial heat from LENR is 25% the cost of our best options used so far.

LENR systems are basically boilers, very cheap and easy to make.

In the future LENR will become the world's largest employer, for the following reason.

Every LENR system will need to be inspected every six months to a year and a new recharge cartridge installed by a highly paid technician.

Although LENR systems are becoming commercially available, our governments could drastically improve the integration into manufacturing with major investments in research and mass production.


Who will take these actions?

Any corporation that requires industrial heat can integrate LENR systems by the Leonardo Corp or an alternative company like Brillouin Energy for an example.

We need political support to bring LENR to every country, as fast as possible.

Companies  that use industrial heat from The E-Cat SK will soon be sharing their stories of the benefits of using the system and big business will see the savings and integrate LENR very fast into their projects.

Industrial heat from the Leonardo corp is currently selling of 20% less than any other source.

Where will these actions be taken?

Worldwide deployment is our best option for a massive reduction in Co2 emissions

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

3,207 million metric tons in the USA alone for manufacturing and power production.

Source ; US Energy Information Administration


Driven by higher energy demand in 2018, global energy-related CO2 emissions rose 1.7% to a historic high of 33.1 Gt CO2. While emissions from all fossil fuels increased, the power sector accounted for nearly two-thirds of emissions growth. Coal use in power alone surpassed 10 Gt CO2, mostly in Asia. China, India, and the United States accounted for 85% of the net increase in emissions, while emissions declined for Germany, Japan, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom.

Source : Global Energy & CO2 Status Report

This online, annual report provides a snapshot of recent global trends and developments.

I believe by 2030 most of the world's largest producers of Co2  could be very close to carbon neutral, if mass a integration of LENR systems is fast tracked, by governments.

What are other key benefits?

Reduced rates for autism, asthma and other breathing related concerns.

A 25% saving in industrial heat costs manufacturing and power production for corporations.

Lowering Co2 emission levels is critical to mankind's future and the current 1,000,000 species at immediate risk of extinction, which are a major part of the food chain and were next.

What are the proposal’s costs?

There will be savings as industrial heat from the Leonardo corp is 20% cheaper today and that will drop with competition and there will be lots of competition.

Sorry I do not know of any negative side effects for reducing Co2 levels and LENR is safe, affordable and carbon free, much safer than natural gas or traditional nuclear power with radioactive waste, radiation and the risk of disaster from many different causes including destructive storms and sea level rise.

Time line

If the world's largest producers of Co2 can now integrate LENR systems into all industrial applications requiring industrial heat, within 15 years, then we need new political leaders.

15 to 50 years could bring most other uses for LENR into the market as right now you need to have proven safety in a working environment, before the public will be allowed to benefit from the cost savings of LENR.

50 to 100 years and beyond, all forms of  energy used may come from LENR, not just for industrial heat, but for all forms of transportation on land, sea, air and potentially deep space travel currently being researched by NASA and partners.




Related proposals

A new form of nuclear power with 8,000,000 times the energy density fossil fuels

Before LENR systems will be approved for heating and powering homes and for transportation, LENR first needs to be proven reliable, safe and affordable, in an industrial setting where professional  technicians and specialists are in control and this is in progress now.



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