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By roasting the firewood for the next cooking fire on the stove after cooking a meal less wood should be required and less GHG produced.



A procedure should be published where the wood for the next cooking fire can be dried on the remains of the last fire. Obviously care must be taken to avoid catching the wood on fire.  A device that holds the wood on it's end and separates individual sticks to improve air flow would improve the results. Bundling the sticks loosely with a few pieces of perforated metal pipe and placing the bundle on a grill of some sort will improve the flow of warm air through the wood.

Category of the action


Who will take these actions?

The procedure needs to be optimized and published. If it can be shown that less wood will need to be gathered than the procedure will be widely adopted.

What are other key benefits?

Less wood will need to be gathered.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Someone somewhere will likely start a fire in their kitchen using this technique.

Time line

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