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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Thank you for your contest submission! The Judges felt barriers to the proposal were addressed, however, the impact of the overall idea is limited. We wish you all the best in writing a TV show/finding producers and expanding awareness of the energy-water nexus in Kenya!

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

We believe that this is an interesting proposal but needs more comprehensive work; as using media as a way to educate the public on various resource issues including both water and energy can be very instrumental and positively influence social behavior. However, in the context of Climate Colab Energy-Water Nexus contest it needs to highlight more specifically about Energy-Water nexus. The place like Kenya, where climate change impacts are widely known and there is quite strong communication on this front. Nevertheless, the awareness is very much needed but it must be accompanied by legal and institutional reform, political acceptability, etc. We suggest that these dimensions should be addressed in the proposal as well.

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Robert Nganga

Jun 10, 2016


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Revisions on the Proposal

On the summary I have added a couple of paragraphs clearly describing how the TV show will highlight on Energy Water Nexus. .

On the Actions proposed also added paragraphs clearly describing how the show will instigate actions to  be taken be it by government, institutions  otherwise also focusing on the synergy between energy and water

On who to take these action and their role I have given a clear description on who needs to take what action all this instigated by the awareness from the show. Also provided a good description of where these actions are to be taken.

Also edited on the impact these actions will have terms of GHG emissions if the proposal is implemented given some facts.

I added some other Key benefits in relation to the environment and Kenyan society which are very crucial making this proposal very timely.

The costs, Timeline, Related Proposal and References remained as earlier.