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Vishal Bhavsar

May 1, 2016


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This is interesting proposal. Kindly complete the entire piece of proposal.




Carlos Emilio Perez Damas

May 15, 2016


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The concept of ORCA cities is truly fascinating!

After reviewing your proposal, I have a couple of suggestions:

In your introduction, it is not sufficiently clear what do you mean by System of Systems (SoS). Are you applying specific SoS methods and techniques in order to design this project and the ORCA cities?

In the ORCA cities, how do you plan to produce Freshwater, biofuel, biochar, food/feed, organic fertilizer, polymers, pharmaceuticals as "negative carbon" commodities? Is it because you will capture more carbon that what you will produce through these activities?

Also how do you plan to treat or manage any of the by-products from the production of these commodities? How will you ensure that the ORCA cities will not produce any contamination into the oceans?

Finally, for the process of carbon sequestration into the in the ORCA cities that you describe as part of your proposal, your business case should explain if this process is less or more expensive than carbon sequestration in deep underground geological formations and what other benefits does it bring compared to carbon sequestration in geological formations.

Great proposal and best of luck!

And please don't forget to complete the remaining sections of your proposal before May 23.