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Vishal Bhavsar

Apr 17, 2016


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Dear Team,


The proposal is unique thought of have proposition of purifying sea water using graphene filters. It can help in solve the issue of water supply for the world. As we know, desalination is energy intensive process of getting pure water. So if graphene helps in getting treated water and also solving the energy need, it will be boon for the world.


The proposal can first look at one single location project to solve a town / city water supply issue. On success, it can be looked to be deployed to other parts.

The current proposal also has threads of hydrogen, MYT engine. This needs to be simplified with better presentation of cost, time and responsibilities.

Look forward for revised proposal.



Neil Lizotte

Apr 19, 2016


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I will try and interview Raphial Morgado and get the answers for you, but he is very busy.

There has not been any mention of the cost of a MYT engine of the size needed, but there would be a lot of benefits to using this engine, because it is a multi fuel engine.

The Symphony 7A system from solar hydrogen trends, also lacks available information on costs but the system is small about half the size of a fridge, and the only fuel would be, water and 500 watts of solar power.