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Supply all global water needs via pipelines, from our oceans after filtering the salt and contaminants with graphene water filters.



I propose we make countless pipelines all over the world, for clean, salt free water, to supply all our global needs.

Graphene water filters, can now desalinate water 100 times faster at a 1000 psi.

We could have pipeline corridors all over the World, in every province and state etc. supplying water for drinking, irrigation for farming, converting desert land into farm land for growing palm trees Coconuts, and for fighting forest fires.

Also we could have several smaller connecting lines, for irrigating farms and deserts, and also for fighting forest fires all over the world.

We might be able to have solar powered electronic valves controlled by satalight to distribute water to different areas on selected days of the month as needed.

We could have water corridors, (pipelines) though out our forests, and supply water for sprinklers and firemen, to make breaks and safe zones in the fire.

For suppling water for fighting forest fires by aircraft, I would suggest using air ships from Lockheed Martin, to carry close to 19 tons of water at once.

The airships cost 40 million each, and are 280 foot long, have a 1400 mile range, and have the ability to turn 120 degrees allowing for vertical take-off.

The Lockheed air ships can land, on the ground, on water, and on ice.

The air ships could be equipped with thermal cameras and deliver much larger loads of water directly onto the hot spots.

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I think we could have tall towers rising from the water pipelines that could feed large containers for water, through a down spout for loading and releasing water on target.

We could load the water into the tanks the same way fighter jets refuel in mid air, but much easier.

The water containers could have a myt engine pump combination built in, to spray high pressure water onto the fire.

A smaller version of the MYT engine weighing 150 lbs 14" in diameter would be used for the pump.

What actions do you propose?

I propose as many pipelines for clean water as possible, all over the world to irrigate farms, deserts, provide safe, clean water for drinking, manufacturing, and for fighting fires.

I suggest we use a larger version of The MYT Engine 5ft x 5ft x 7ft, for pumping the water, because the MYT Engine is a multi fuel engine, including hydrogen, is very efficient and can provide high flow, volume and pressure all from one engine.

The MYT™ (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine by inventor Raphial Morgado, is an internal combustion engine of new design that features multiple firings in one cycle, producing enormous torque in a small area.

The MYT™ Engine features 40 times higher power-to-weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution. It is poised to benefit applications including airplanes, ships, 18 wheelers, SUVs, passenger cars, and even down to carry-on power generators. The MYT™ Engine, as a pump/compressor, also exceeds existing pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow; all in one unit.

The first prototype model, which first ran on diesel but was later converted to run on compressed air (for indoor demonstrations), exerts 850 cubic inches of displacement even though the size is only 14" diameter by 14" long, weighing 150 lbs, compared to 3000 lbs for a comparable engine of conventional size capable of that much power output.

As of Summer 2012, the company is presently working on a 6" diameter motor, which could be built inexpensively by machining, without the cost of casting, for its first beta testing units. [1] They are also considering a geothermal application of the pump/compressor version of the engine. [2] On the side, as a hobby, Morgado is pursuing an Angel Flight Pack that would enable personal flight for as long as an hour.

A new industrial era can be spawned by the MYT™Engine

And here is the scenario:

The Mighty Pumps can pump the sea water for desalination 

The Mighty Pumps can pump the water thru pipeline to Deserts and turn the Deserts into Farm lands to grow Palm Trees, Coconuts, Soybeans, etc. 

Bio Fuel extracted from Palms, Coconuts, Soybeans, etc.can fuel the Mighty Engine, hooked up to a generator to generate electricity 

Automobiles with the Mighty Engine can run on Bio Fuel Industry can be powered by the Mighty Engine using Bio Fuel with better fuel economy and less pollution 

Radical new designs of Automobiles, Ships, and Airplanes are imminent with the Mighty Engine running Bio Fuel Earth gets less polluted, while industry runs with renewable Bio Fuel which never runs out 

Farm Lands on Earth can now grow our own Fuel We won’t be at the mercy of foreign oil suppliers any more.

Pasted from : -- Pure Energy Systems Wiki:

We could supply hydrogen to the engines with a unlimited hydrogen on demand system from Solar Hydrogen Trends which only uses 500 watts of power which I would supply with solar power.

Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. Invents Groundbreaking 100% Carbon Free, Clean Air Hydrogen ReactorSolar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. develops innovative breakthrough technology with the world’s first hydrogen reactor for production of unlimited hydrogen; reactor uses water as main fuel and is 100% carbon free! “Endless fuel from water…”Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2014 – Menlo Park based technology firm Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. ( today announced that it has revolutionized the world of energy production with their invention of the world’s first hydrogen reactor for the production of unlimited hydrogen.

The hydrogen reactor uses water as a main fuel and is 100% carbon free.The groundbreaking technology can be used as hybrid solution for energy savings up to 95% when coupled with coal, natural gas, gasoline, biofuels, diesel power plants or incinerators (three to five times cheaper than coal power plants – two to three times cheaper than nuclear, WITHOUT hazards to the environment). In addition, the reactor can be coupled for production of amplified energy output with Hydropower, Solar or Wind farms in peak hours.Jack Aganyan, Founder and President of Solar Hydrogen Trends commented that “This is a critical step in the development of alternative, clean air energy.

As the nation continues its drive to reduce air pollution and mine more cost-effective energy production, we are excited to launch our groundbreaking hydrogen reactor, which provides a formidable solution to these green initiatives. We believe this technology is of national strategic importance. It is clean, efficient, scaleable, and can help the dollar gain back its strength.”Konstantine Balakiryan, Founder, CEO/Chief Scientist and driving force behind the seven models of the hydrogen reactor, added “With our technology, a hydrogen plant with 150 million cubic feet per day production would provide enough hydrogen to power 200 thousand homes. With only 500 watts/hour of input energy we produce 2,797 cubic feet or 79,098 liters per hour of hydrogen or 221 kWh energy equivalent – at the cost of only $1.80USD. Our hydrogen reactor technology could very well be the biggest breakthrough of our time.

How does the Hydrogen Reactor work? The technology provides multifactorial hydrogen reactor with elevated hydrogen production due to a set of sixteen (16) physical and chemical processes, acting simultaneously on the hydrogen bonds. The technology is non-volatile and produces free flowing hydrogen which can be compressed or used to convert to another form of energy. The reactor can be used as a free standing electrically powered device that will produce unlimited amount of hydrogen at world’s cheapest rates or a simple “bolt-on” solution that provides savings when coupled with energy producing technology.

Hydrogen reactor performance.Airkinetics, a prominent EPA-certified national emissions testing specialist conducted an engineering test that measured the hydrogen reactor output at 50 ACFM with 93.1% Hydrogen content. Downloadable report: : mini hydrogen reactor model measures: Length 32″ x Width 14″ x Height 20.5″ and weighs 250 lbs.

Source : -- Pure Energy Systems Wiki

Pasted from :,_Inc.'s_Overunity_Hydrogen

This proposal could lower sea levels and provide clean water for many applications. 

Watering stations could be setup for drinking water in the forests for animals and a quick connecting water line for drinking water for firefighters could be easily adopted.

The potential of graphene :

A solution to the wastewater treatment issues in the oil and gas industry may be found in graphene, an emerging material that has fascinated scientists since its isolation in 2004.

In its purest form, graphene is a single atomic layer of carbon atoms bonded so tightly together that they are impermeable to nearly everything but subatomic particles. Graphene exhibits remarkable mechanical and conductive properties, easily surpassing copper and other common conductors. And even at one atom thick, this carbon film is unbelievably strong.

Tests run by Lockheed Martin and other researchers show that a graphene composite membrane—a graphene active layer integrated with a porous substrate, like a microfilter—can withstand cross-flow pressures of up to 1,000 psi with no mechanical degradation or delamination. The tests of its strength have incorporated multiple pressure cycles over hundreds of continuous and noncontinuous test hours.

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Who will take these actions?

I think governments all over the world should under take this as fast as possible.

Where will these actions be taken?

All over the world

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

By providing water for suppling LENR related systems which will replace fossil fuels very fast.

What are other key benefits?

1. Lowering ocean water levels

2. Irrigating deserts to increase available farm land.

3. Irrigating farm lands and drought stricken areas.

4. Provide safe clean drinking water all over the world.

5. Provide water for fighting forest fires.

6. Help increase wetland areas available.

7. Provide water for manufacturing.

8. Provide water for fuel via ( Solar Hydrogen Trends Symphony 7a &    LENR systems)

9. provide drinking water stations in the forests for animals, and a quick connecting device for firefighters to drink from when needed.

What are the proposal’s costs?

This will cost a fraction of the cost of building seawalls and dams etc around the World and look much better, no change.

Time line

Build as many pipelines as possible and have several connection options available for adding new routes along the line.

First start with the most important lines for drinking and irrigation of farms etc.

The pipelines should be modular and added to over the coming decades until all our water needs are met, globally. 

I suggest we act on this fast as not to get behind with rising water levels.

Pipelines for clean water should be very easy to approve.


Related proposals

Similar to my plan to irrigate the World deserts.


Lockheed Martin Airship :

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The potential of graphene :

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 Source : -- Pure Energy Systems Wiki:

MYT Engine :

Solar Hydrogen Trends :,_Inc.'s_Overunity_Hydrogen