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Carlos Emilio Perez Damas

May 16, 2016


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Hi Deivis,

Sounds like a very interesting idea. I can definitely see the value of having a worldwide map of human made water infrastructure.

You propose adjusting the water pressure in the pipes based only on the moon cycles, is that correct? What is the benefit of doing so?

And what about all the water infrastructure that needs to operate at specific pressures in order to maximize the performance of the system?

Also, do you think the private sector will be willing to share their data publicly in a global real-time website?

Finally, what about all the water infrastructure in the world with inadequate water flow measurement equipment? Will you need to add sensors and other equipment to this infrastructure? And who will pay for that investment?

I think if you can add this information it will help you improve your proposal even further.

Best Regards,



Deivis Bluznevi?ius

May 17, 2016


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Hi Carlos,

At first it is not necessary to measure and observe all man made infrastructure. It is enough to use data which is already available. Since all water on the planet is one organism (it unites and separates) by adjusting one small part of man made water infrastructure we can influence the whole. The moon cycles influence plants and other animals since all rely on water. Our measurements of weight length temperature and electricity is based on water (I mean Europe). So by speeding or slowing down one small part of infrastructure and looking at the effect on the whole we can influence weather. We measure distance between planets and stars using measurements which are based on our planet. So the heat of the planet increase since the number of measurements increase. If we make the distance between our planet and the moon as a constant we can adjust virtual measurements of length. And so the planet earth and moon will be connected and then we can adjust heat and pressure in man made water infrastructure to use the gravity of moon to pull the heat to the cosmos. See my other proposals. They relate to each other.