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Global water pipe network works as antena



Water is a closed system on earth. We use water as our metric system i. e. 1 m3 1 000 kg. Meter is basis of electricity measurements. So create the map of all pipes on earth and their directions turns crosses and diameter. Water takes the shape and the direction of a pipe or a tank. It moves through a pipe with the definite speed in its directions. When it rains water takes the direction and angle of roofs, pipes drainage pipes, streets in a town and sewers and manholes. We can project the whirlpool in the streets, pipes created by flowing water. The pipes change direction at the turn.  Extend one straight line of a pipe across the globe. The movement of the Moon across our planet creates floods. Measure the distance between this part of the pipe and the Moon. Show astronomical time and Moon phase of this part of the pipe. Measure the intensity of activity in the buildings and other spots in this direction across the globe and connect it with the speed of water in this line of this pipe. Then adjust the pressure in the pipe and change the speed of water in the whole planet. We make electricity by slowing down the flow of the river. We use water for cooling down nuclear power plants. We water plants make ponds pools etc. We use water as our measurement of the temperature. Ice is water below 0 C and vapor is water above 100. 1 degree of C = 1 degree of K. 1 m3 of water is 1000 kg. Regulate temperature of the heating system and ventilation of premises in buildings to create waves of heat in the air to even the heat waves on the planet.

What actions do you propose?

Create a software where people and municipalities can enter data of their water infrastructure. Then create the ability tu turn the map in the direction of any pipe. Step by step create a global map of human made water pipes tanks and pools and sewage pipes. Show hydropower plants and heating stations which use water on the map too. Put in on the global weather forecast map. See the pressure and directions of the pipes match the weather forecast. Simulate desired forecast and required pressure in the pipes. Change the pressure in the pipes and water extraction which can be regulated e. g. speed of water flow, adjust temperature of the heating system, monitor supply of electricity from the hydropower plants to change weather forecast.

Who will take these actions?

UNFCCC creates such software. Governments initiate collecting data of human made water infrastructure i. e. hydro power plants, wells, pipes, watering holes, pools, wastewater, sewage pipes etc. Create a real time map of observable pipes and water tanks with all existing water flow measurement equipments. First organize collection of data from existing water flow measurement equipments. Compare the flow of water in global human made water system with the moon cycles. Moon creates floods on earth. So we can adjust watering of crops with the moon cycle. Plants grow according to moon. Every plant has its own life cycle. We can use irrigation to create vapors needed for cloud and rain formation. So we can regulate droughts and floods. By connecting water flow with moon we can lift the heat to the cosmos. See my other proposals.

Where will these actions be taken?

globally first developed countries create software replicable for every region house and town

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Water is in constant flow. It has three states on the planet earth i.e. ice, liquid water and vapor. We can create simulation software to monitor how water usage in buildings and irrigation systems influences the earths water circulation. Then we can adjust agricultural activities for climate mitigation to influence the whole cycle of water flow on the planet. The software will tell farmers what to grow in their fields and the irrigation routine.

What are other key benefits?

We can regulate droughts and floods

What are the proposal’s costs?

The software project can be open sourced.

Time line

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water flow is directly related to food consumption. We should create software for monitoring food distribution consumption  manure creation and spreading on the fields.

This equipment will create waves of water. As all elements of the periodic table are dissolved in water these waves of measurement will push elements in water throughout the global ocean.