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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

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Thank you for your innovative proposal. The proposal suggests the use of My Energy Xpert, an energy audit and monitoring app empowers people to save time, money and lower their energy footprint. The market space is quite saturated requiring the scanning system of this technology to be unique.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Thank you very much for your creative contest entry, we greatly appreciate your willingness to share your ideas and also the time and effort you put into developing a proposal and submitting it to the contest!

Please clarify the user experience during the assessment and what actions are required to conduct it. Also, explore how to reduce the cost of the assessment ($50).

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Alex Corneglio

Jul 13, 2016


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Thank you for the feedback on our proposal! We would like to share the following testimonials from our current clients and partners.  These testimonials highlight how our platform, My EnergyXpert, brings unique value to the market while helping energy companies to grow in new directions and better connect with their existing customers.  We've also added these testimonials in the comments section.



“The energy efficiency industry is replete with proprietary and custom tools that perform a myriad of analytical functions to calculate energy savings. However, until now, the industry has not offered a tool that has the flexibility and power of My EnergyXpert for use by consumers and businesses alike. As a cloud-based app, My EnergyXpert is truly unique and has the ability to transform vast portions of the market, as the specter of climate change forces more people to seek understanding and solutions to their own energy usage. With this one, easy-to-use tool, people can begin to make sense of the complex topic of energy usage and how best to conserve energy.”


Tony Reynolds

VP of Sales and Marketing


Summerhill is a leading Energy Efficiency Services Company that specializes in consumer engagement.



“Having been in the technology and sustainability sector for over a decade, we’ve finally found an energy auditing program that gives our team and clients a fast, reliable and accurate assessment of their current energy consumption. The speed and ease of use was paramount for us. energyX has given us the tool we needed to increase our business and move into areas where we always wanted to go and grow….it’s simply brilliant. I would recommend My EnergyXpert to any company, utility or educational institution that wants the best platform out there bar none!”


Jeff Shields

President CEO

Green Shields Energy

London Toronto Boston

Green Shields Energy is an energy efficiency company that develops, finances and builds renewable energy projects across North America and Europe.



“Everything starts with the initial assessment. By using My EnergyXpert, Efficiency Capital Corp is able to offer building owners an affordable way to identify and assess the available opportunities to improve building performance. We’re very excited to be working with energyX on this vision”.


Matt Zipchen


Efficiency Capital Corp.

Efficiency Capital Corp. is an energy savings finance company that is part of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.  Efficiency Capital offers building owners an innovative form of performance contracting to upgrade assets and infrastructure with no upfront cost.