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Perry Grossman

Jun 10, 2016


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Congratulations on making the semi-finals!

“> 12% energy reduction on average per participant”

This seems high. I think Opower is around 2%. Do you want to make some comparisons to competitors?

What about customer engagement (Opower, Simple Energy, etc.)

Could you talk more about the gamification process:

“It is possible to create competition among the users of Smart insight. Competition is possible at local, regional, national and global level.”

Is time-of-use pricing a part of this?

Is demand response a part of this?

How will this fit with energy-efficiency programs?

Thanks for your proposal.

Good luck,


Paul Simmeren

Jun 14, 2016


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Hi Perry, thanks for your reaction. I answered most of your questions in the improved description which can also find in evaluation results. 

12% is high but possible based on Stanford research. Most others, like Opower, do not provide real-time actual consumption at classified appliance level and real-time personalized feedback like our solution. We do provide tips based on your personal reality not based on statistical data. ;-) 

We can create every possible group, e.g. you and your colleagues or your city. Our feedback is on energy consumption although based customer pricing data we can compare on costs. At this moment we do not have several cost programs in our app. We aim to reduce CO2, but our tips can advise users in a specific group to do washing in the evening to save money.

Demand response is not part of this version. We can guide users with our tips.

We believe that Smart insight is a low costs solution to create awareness. With our feedback and tips we see behavior change. It would be great if this awareness leads to next steps in energy efficiency e.g. installation of solar panels.