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LENR & Hybrid Graphene EESD's & Reduce Co2 Levels to Pre-Industrial Age, While Making Very Valuable Carbon Nano Fibers 25 Times Cheaper



I propose a 1 billion dollar investment into LENR related technology research and mass production, for a start

LENR companies Industrial Heat LLC and Brillouin Energy are getting interest from the US Capitol and around the world.

LENR is short for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and the term nuclear is mainly used to describe the vast amount of excess energy that is far to large to come from any chemical process.

There is no harmful radiation to worry about, no radioactive fuel and enough fuel (nickel & a tiny amount of hydrogen...) to last a few thousand years.

Applications for LENR:

LENR systems will first be available for industrial heat for manufacturing, heating factories, providing hot water and steam.

Next LENR systems will start replacing the heating systems for power plants, with maybe a Brillouin Hot Tube Boiler or a E Cat system from Industrial Heat LLC.

There are over 200 LENR projects being researched with Industrial Heat LLC and Brillouin Energy, turning heads from the US capitol and around the world, despite a world wide media blackout.

LENR systems to heat and power your home are being researched and excess waste heat is used to provide hot water.

LENR systems are being researched for all Land, air, sea & space travel.

LENR related systems are 100% green and very safe.

Fast charging Hybrid Graphene Electrical Energy Storage Devices will make solar, wind reliable power sources 24/7 and electric vehicles of all sizes come to life, and with no range anxiety.

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power will showcase one of these EESD's in an electric super car in early 2016.

The Edison Electron 1 may have a range of 500 Km or more and recharge in 5 minutes with an onboard graphene fuel cell while driving, and then travel another 500 Km and on and on.

Edison Power's EESD is 100% green & has no known safety issues.

A dead short produces no safety risks

Reduce Co2 levels while making valuable and sought after carbon nano fibers for $1000 per ton, while current costs are $25,000 per ton.

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

We need a non profit fund that is independent of government, financed  with all the fossil fuel subsides from around the world, .

Use the fund to invest in 100% clean energy technologies like LENR related technologies and then use the profits from the fund,  to further progress into providing low income citizens of the World with 100% green technology.

Historic event: One-year 1 megawatt E-Cat trial by customer completed 

Source : Mats Lewan An impossible Invention

On February 17, 2016, a 350-day commercial test of a one megawatt heat plant based on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat was completed. The event must be considered historic since it’s the first time an industrially useful amount of energy is produced over such a long time from this kind of yet unexplained radiation-free nuclear reaction—LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

To be clear, the report from the one-year trial, which has been controlled by a major independent third party certification institute, will be released only in about a month or two, and until then no official information is provided on the test result. However, multiple sources have told me that the test has been successful.

Earlier, some sources having visited the test plant told me that the COP, Coefficient of Performance, i.e. the ratio between output power and input power for control, was in the range 20—80, meaning that the heat plant was consuming 12—50 kW while producing 1 MW—the average consumption of about 300 Western households, including electricity, space heating, water heating and air conditioning.

I have also been told that the total amount of fuel—mostly harmless elements such as lithium, hydrogen and nickel, according to Andrea Rossi’s granted patent on the technology—was in the range of tens of grams. And supposedly the charge has never been changed during the year. On the other hand, after one year’s run, the reactors are now being recharged for further operation.

Link :

Dr. Andrea Rossi stated 350 day test was a success with a cop greater then 50 for the full length of the 3rd party customer validation test.

I propose a 1 billion dollar investment in LENR research and more if when needed.

NASA Admits LENR Cold Fusion is a Game Changer :


Report on LENR by The Canadian Military :

Website :

Is LENR the real deal? :

Website :

Cold Fusion Now

Sifferkoll  Black Swan Ascending :

Brillouin Energy :


PDF Link :

E Cat official website :

LENR Cars :

I insist all fossil fuel subsidies be invested in the mass production of game changing 100% clean energy technologies like LENR related systems, world wide, and making lenr systems available to the poor around the world.

I also suggest that those same subsidies also be used for the mass production of hybrid graphene EESD's and with installing systems with solar power to low income citizens around the world.

Fast charging battery's or graphene EESD's are game changing in that if you can imagine, only needing a few minutes of sun or wind to charge to maybe 95% capacity and no safety issues with over charging.

The fact that you can scale the size of graphene plates makes the costs of production come a way down, simply, because you have less cells to link together, to get the right amount of density.

Just one megafarad EESD maybe to power smaller vehicles, or 3 to 4 EESD's linked together to provide backup power for a home solar power system.

Graphene EESD's are also much lighter and take up less room.

Director of Sunvault Energy's YouTube Chanel :

Gary Monaghan’s  from Sunvault Energy's Video showcase

A video of Sunvault's Revolutionary Graphene Solar Panel :

1 Megafarad Electrical Energy Storage Device :

Here is a video of the worlds most powerful  electric semi truck that with Edison Power's  EESD's and an onboard graphene fuel cell may have no range anxiety :

Also rebates should be given to all other businesses and home owners to go green.

Also from these subsidies invest in reducing Co2 levels  to pre-industrial times with a new approach called Diamonds from the sky.

This process produces valuable carbon nano fibers used for advanced batteries and there is a huge demand for this product.

Carbon Nano Fibers From the Sky Video Presentation :

This process will reduce Co2 levels to pre-industrial times, while producing very valuable carbon nano fibers, which are in high demand, and this method is cheaper then any other means of production.

Cost of production now $25,000 per ton and the carbon nano fibers from the sky approach $1000 per ton.

I would suggest several systems in case one is not enough.

Plastics ten times stronger then steel can be made with hemp, and while growing this plant the soil is repaired, also more Co2 is removed form the atmosphere.

Bloom Energy Servers can convert any gas from methane to natural gas into 100% clean electricity onsite.

Several Bloom Energy Videos :

Solar hydrogen Trends has a system which produces unlimited amounts of hydrogen on-demand with very low energy input required, and could fuel Bloom Energy servers in remote locations.

Solar Hydrogen Trends :

A research team in Germany is testing a new safe form of liquid hydrogen that claims to be as safe as diesel, in vehicles we drive today.

Hydrogen breakthrough rekindles fuel-cell excitement :

I have videos of all these clean energy  technologies on my website Eco Inventions.

Within 1 month with luck, a report will be published on a 350 day customer test of the 1 megawatt E Cat system by Industrial Heat system powered by several E Cat LENR devices.

Hopefully this will be when LENR comes out of the closet.

Methane from farm livestock is a problem that is now being addressed, by converting methane into electricity.

Farm Energy videos :

Who will take these actions?

Governments need to invest one billion in LENR research now.

We need a global 100% clean energy fund that is independent of governments which would invest in  all LENR projects for a reasonable share of companies.

Also investing in other Key game changing emerging 100% clean energy technology's like hybrid graphene EESD's, Solar Hydrogen Trends and as many as 100% clean energy companies as possible.

I recommend all global fossil fuel subsidies each year be invested into a non profit, 100% clean energy development and mass production fund.

Invest the 5% of the profits into 100% clean energy research around the world.

40% into mass production of 100% green and game changing technologies.

20% of money raised should be invested in to the distribution of clean energy systems (solar,wind, LENR) systems in each of the country's which the money was raised from.

I recommend 20% be invested in 100% clean energy systems distributed to citizens in poor counties.

I recommend 15% be invested in a lottery to be invested evenly per capita and region for the retrofitting of older homes with new doors,windows, insulation and converting them to 100% off grid for heating, hot water and electrical.

We need all fossil fuel subsidies world wide to be invested in 100% clean energy solutions and distribution world wide, including Russia and other troubled countries.

We need the mass production of the hemp plant all over the world, for making plastics ten times stronger then steel and many other products, like wood, paper. and Hempcrete.

Each LENR system will need to be serviced and a recharge cartridge installed by a certified tech every year are so, depending on which system.

This means a major workforce will be required for a LENR economy and systems are affordable to most everyone on earth.

We are on the verge of a 21 century clean energy revolution, which will  make our lives and environment  a lot better and give us more money to spend on living healthy.




Where will these actions be taken?

All over the world

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

100% reduction in Co2 emissions by 2030 and reducing Co2 levels to pre-industrial times within ten years and then sustaining those levels.

What are other key benefits?

Cheap clean abundant energy for everyone.

For governments LENR systems will cost a few pennies a day to operate, and leave lots of room for taxes and will also need a massive workforce to service each system every year are so.

For transportation a company called LENR cars is researching vehicles powered by LENR and they estimate that distances of 30,000 Km with tiny amounts of abundant hydrogen and nickel may be possible.

Edison Power and Sunvault Energy's hybrid graphene EESD will be priced several times cheaper the LI batteries, also they have a very long life time and are 100% green.

We can go 100% green and improve our economy's with a strong high paid workforce and save money for taxpayers in the process.

Clean air to breath and all the health benefits that come with it

What are the proposal’s costs?

Every dollar currently being invested in fossil fuel subsidies and one billion in government research funding for LENR will be the cost.

Time line

It all depends on the actions of government and business.

We need leaders to step up and attack climate change like it's the war to end all wars and invest in solutions not the cause.

Related proposals

This proposal is not like any of these technologies mentioned and were all included in my Climate Presentation to The Alberta Government Climate Review Panel 


Report on LENR by The Canadian Military :

Source : Mats Lewan An impossible Invention

Link :

Over 200 Videos on LENR :

Is LENR the real deal? :

Cold Fusion Now :

Brillouin Energy :


E Cat official website :

Solar Hydrogen Trends :

Diamonds From The Sky Video Presentation :

NASA Admits LENR Cold Fusion Game Changer :

Watch videos of the director of Sunvault Energy construct hybrid graphene EESD's from start to finish and many other amazing experiments.

Director of Sunvault Energy, Robert Murray Smith's, YouTube Chanel :

Gary Monaghan’s  from Sunvault Energy's Video showcase

A video of Sunvault's Revolutionary Graphene Solar Panel :

Here is a video of the worlds most powerful  electric semi truck that with Edison Power's  EESD may have no range anxiety :

Several Bloom Energy Videos :

A good website for LENR skeptics is :

I have been tracking every major solution to climate change since 2008 and these are the best possible solutions I found so far.