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Humans need a war on climate change/heating/baking/drowning/waste now:1.redefine"eco+nomic"as>cashflowfloods to2.leave dinosaurs in ground to count more than cash to value the invaluable to stop causing hell on earth,3.harvest free,inifnite flows of100% Renewable Energy&Efficiency100%doable now by2030(IRENA 2016),by 2050(;Jacobson 2015)or before,if fossil fuel fools would help kids harvest free,infinite energy instead,or get out of way&4.convert harsh impermeable heat islands to green absorbent watersheds of native buffers,deep roots to cultivate&nurture absorptive&productive potentials/genius to produce healthy lives&lands,recharge dying aquifers,activate dying air O2 cycles,dying water h2o cycles,dying life cycles enough for life to lift all up to health,light enough to thrive.Every living cell,hidden genetic potential/genius,seed,seedling,soil,self,whole wants to reach up toward light of our sun to produce4a.abundant riches to count&4b.critical but uncountable flows,cycles,productivity for funcitional living systems enough to produce enough for many to consume enough,to consume enough to prodcue enough to fill in hungry voids to lift all up to light to satisfy needs.5.Humans need to redefine their definition of "eco+nomics" as more than mechanical rates of private/shortisghted/blinding cashflow floods into only one private bank account of only one private now that crush life &logic on earth,enough to stop crushing nature's ability to produce abundant riches&criitical flows enough to grow heaven on earth instead.Leave dinosaurs in ground to stop causing hell on earth&work as a winning team together to share critical flows of critical information&criitcal public resources to keep nature alive enough to stop killing earth.Grow heaven on earth instead.Adam&Eve did not need a human cash system or industrialization:Nature/life produced most everything they needed/wanted,until they crushed/trampled the ability of nature/life to produce enough for them to consume.



Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

America needs to protect nature's ability to produce life on earth enough to change the course of human history....obvious to one private self now or not....counted in private cash bank account rates of numbers or end Climate 911, our 6th Extinction/Anthropocene 100% doable if our "public representatives" would represent our public and the ability of nature to produce enough for us to consume.  We need to reach far beyond the obvious to count and value also public/longterm/complex worlds and life's infinitely intricate and vast web we need to produce enough to

1. Redefine our definition of "eco+nomic" to count more than mechanical rates of private cashflow floods of fossil fuel fools of only 1% crushing life on earth….to value also the invaluable, priceless, uncountable, continuous continuums of critical flows and cycles of by for life to consume, obvious or not, counted in cash or not that we need to produce enough to consume and to consume enough to produce, the real definition of “eco+nomic” (Samuelson)…..critical flows, cycles and wholes of by for nurturing living systems on earth, cell or self or whole living system, globe inalienable, indivisible nurturing all, lifting all up to light enough to produce positive outcomes freely enough for all 100% to share to fill in hungry voids of the negative to lift all up to light enough to laugh….obvious or not, counted in private cash now or  not….Count more than mechanical rates of cash …and count outcomes also, private now, public longterm, lifeweb infinitely to balance nature’s budget of positive productivity lifting life up with human budgets consuming cash to suck all down…Use human cash systems as an important tool to build great human cities and great human civilizations….but protect us and earth from deadly cashflow floods that crush life and the ability of life’s hidden but critical genetic potenitials in every living cell seed seedling soil self whole that want to reach up toward light of our sun enough to produce a. abundant riches enough to count in cash or words and also to produce b. critical but uncountable flows cycles whole living productivity filtering of light, energy, air o2, water h2o, rich organic (living carbon) topsoil and soil+maker production and productivity enough to grow green photosynthesis O2 and H2O and wood and topsoil enough to grow countable food and shelter enough and to filter our light, air, water enough to keep human cities alive enough to thrive day to day and minute too minute…obvious or not, counted in cash or not

2. Leave the dinosaurs, all fossil fuels in the ground now at all $ costs:solar alone could satisfy all energy needs on earth x 11,000,wind x 10 water and waves also, waves x 5 in addition to efficiency(so why are we still addicted to deadly fossil fuels and cashflow floods crushing us?)so leave the dinosaurs in the ground to stop crushing life on earth, to stop crushing nature's ability to grow, nurture and heal life on earth: we need to produce enough to protect and nurture us....and leave dinosaurs in the ground to stop causing hell on earth& replace that toxic, deadly "supply" of energy by harvesting instead free, infinite, immediate supplies of free, infinite, Renewable Energy & Efficiency instead2a. End Obscene Fossil Fuel Subsidies 2b. Divest from fossil fuel addictions such as DAPL2c.JEL2d.DeclareWarOnClimate911NotOnUS

3. Harvest  free, inifninte flows of immediate, clean, renewing, green Renewable Energy & Efficiency instead 100% doable by 2030 (IRENA 2016)to 2a. slash operating costs of any system exponentially and 2b. boost positive outcomes and productivity immediately lift all up instead, to grow heaven on earth instead100%RenewableEnergy&Efficiency100%DoableNow by2030(IRENA2016) or before, by2050( 2015) or before if fossil fuel energy expertise would help build REE infrastructure to save their own children's futures or get out of the way

4. Convert harsh, impermeable, dying heat island surfaces, wastelands, deserts to green, absorbent, healthy, functional watersheds/airsheds instead, native photosynthetic buffers with deep roots to cultivate and nurture healthy living systems enough to absorb dangerous climate carbon from our atmosphere and convert to important, vital, critical living carbons such as wood, leaves, rich organic topsoils for critical cycles& flows of air o2,water h2o topsoil green plants of photosynthesis from animal respiration intimiately inalieanbel functional living systems, cell to self/animal/plant/habitat/inhabitants inalieanble of living celluular systems to filter precipitation and runoff intelligently,to grow specific genetic outcomes to maximize positive prodcutivity and minimmize negative effects such as toxic  wastes with smart recycling in nature, nature wasting little to protect life and land from erosion,runoff,floods,droughts,desertification,costs,to harvest runoff as a financiall asset+$instead of liability-$,to recharge dying aquifers,activate dying air O2 cycles,activate dying water H2o cycles,activate dying life cycles, dying hidden genetic potentials, genius impossible to count in counts of human cash, genius critical to develop to grow priceless, invaluable but uncountable abundant riches enough to count in terms of human private cashflow "profit" for one private bank

5. Convert finanicial liabilities of explosive but hidden climate change risks and costs, climate carbons….into exponential financial assets & convert climate carbons of fake CO2&CxyzLog(#)$(*@_#%(#*^ into living carbons to grow exponentially in positive value through time, to magnify the rate of climate carbon absorption and O2 production to cool earth to survive and thrive instead,living carbons of usable/productive/nurutring of wood, green leaves, rich organic topsoil, nurturing habitats for recreation and living in comfort to produce enough critcial but uncoutnable flows,cycles,wholes of positive productivity to consume enugh, to consume enough to produce enough to balance nature’s budget of positive productivity enough to balance human budgets of cash consumption,lifting all up to light, obvious or not, counted in cash or not

6. Educate America with "public education" and "media" of by for All &other information systems of critical flows of critical public information &critical public resources for public nations &worlds to survive to reach far beyond the obvious/immediate/private linear walls and barriers of our everyday lives enough to explore nature’s amazing wonders far beyond the obvious,to learn vision,wisdom,scientific literacy of nature’s genius,such as the “golden ratio” that spans most all of human existence,even playing an important role in our perception of “beauty”right,wrng&probably in our sensations of satisfaction of basic critical needs,wants,desires,dreams that nature’s productivity of critical flows and cycles satisfy,connecting the disconnected to activate hidden genetic potentials in any living systems to satisfy basic critical needs to produce public peace and prosperity for all to share freely,obvious or not, counted in cash or not.

6.Eliminate "waste" especially toxic waste as nature recycles all back into a more functional funnel back into "marketplace"

7.Most important, we need a civil government "Of, By, For All" to balance our voices with fossil fuel fool cashflow floods that have seized totalitarian control of my democracy's US Government, all three branches of government, crushing our Balance of Power that we need to keep our nation's Constitutional democracy alive.  We need our US Constitution and Rule of Law to protect the innocent, the voiceless,many diverse voices of America& earth from the cash-driven fossil fuel industries that have seized totalitarian control of US.The cash-driven fossil fuel industry assumes erroneously that privatized cash profiteering justifies all,but they are wrong,very,very wrong,wrong scientifically,wrong mathematically,wrong eco+nomically, wrong eco+logically,wrong ego+nomically,wrong morally&often wrong legally,though still conspiring to rewrite human books of human history,human science/math,human law to sell the immoral of by for privatized cash profiteering to fill private fossilized bank accounts of a fossil fuel industry of by for fewer than only 1%at our expense,crushing their own futures stupidly.

8.We need 3 types of "public accounting" to free America from the cash-driven coup, 8a. Private/obvious/immediate/cash-driven/consumptive/destructive worlds, 8b.Public/longterm/complex/vulnerable worlds& 8c. Lifeweb/Infinitely intricate and vast, ironically productive, giving, uncountable worlds of nature's genius of by for producing critical flows of by for life&logic impossible to count in cash:America needs to redefine our word “eco+nomic” as more than mechanical rates of private/immediate/obvious/cash-driven rates of cash that crush life on earth and also count and value public& lifeweb worlds to stop crushing life:8a.private/short-sighted/immediate/obvious/blinding/cash-driven world accounting of cash-driven consumptive forces of the negative,8b public/longterm/complex world accounting that ranges from privatized cash-driven pyramid schemes, scams, secrecy that crush the many with cashdriven force,to a fragile but critical democracy modeled after our fragile but critical web for all life of by for nurturing every living cell, seed, seedling, soil, self, whole that wants to reach up toward light of our sun,8c. infinitely intricate& vast web for all life productivity impossible to count in cash accounting,fragile but critical,uncountable,hidden flows,cycles,wholes of by for life to consume enough to produce enough to nurture life on earth enough to survive& to thrive of our infinitely intricate and vast web for all life,every living cell,seed,seedling,soil,self of ironically hidden,amazing hidden genetic potentials,genius that wants to grow upwards toward light of our sun enough to produce3a.abundant riches enough to count& 3b.critical but uncountable flows cycles wholes of light,energy air o2,water h2o,rich organic topsoil& soil+makers production& productivity enough to grow green photosynthesis O2 for respiration to keep earth alive now &generations from now forever.obvious to one private self now or not,counted in private cash of one private bank account now or not....

9. America needs to reach far beyond the obvious/blinding/privatizing/immediate/shortsighted/cash-driven/dictated rates of mechanical numbers of private cash to protect and value nature’s ability to produce enough for us to consume enough, for us to consume enough to produce critical flows of by for life on earth,to keep America, earth & life alive now & generations from now forever please thanks,to discover nature's amazing wonders ironically hidden from us,to learn vision, wisdom, voice/style, patience, scientific literacy, wit/humor enough to navigate through difficult times as Judaism gives each voice to many.t's not difficult:Count more than mechanical rates of private, dirty cashflow floods that are crushing US and life.Value also the invaluable, the critical but hidden,uncountable flows,cycles,wholes,hidden genetic potentials,genius of "blessings" that nurture life on earth enough to end our 6th extinction please.Thanks.

10. America needs to care about our own children’s future, our own nation’s future, our own private future,enough for future generations to honor and respect our legacy.  We can’t afford to crush that.

11.Can we balance nature's productivity of critical but uncountable flows for life's productivity,enough to balance human budgets of cash consumption?Think more than rates of finite boxes to do that.

Remember that Adam & Eve did not need a human cash system or industrialization until they crushed the ability of nature, of life to produce enough for them to consume.

All hands on deck now.

Who will take these actions?

All need to act now.  All hands on deck now.

The core of this proposal is reaching beyond the privatizing walls and barriers that blind us....enough to reach beyond absolutes enough to understand that ironically, the most metallic surfaces cause the most unstable futures....and that the most fragile hidden genetic potentials enable the most positive productivity enough to grow upwards toward light of our sun enough to produce enough freedom to produce enough abundant riches to share freely, free from want, free from heal a broken world.

Numerous religions understand this principle of irony.

Science also digs beyond the obvious/immediate/absolute/impermeable surfaces of deceit that hide and crush the fragile but critical flexibility of living organimsms on earth, every living cell, seed, seedling, soil, self, whole to reach up toward light enough to blossom and prooduce enough to consume, to consume enough to produce to balance nature's of critical flow productivity enough to satisfy basic critical needs of human cash consumption, ironically.

Only if we can question, challenge the inflexible, impermeable, erroneous assumptions of cash-driven forces to discover real but hidden positive potentials to grow a more positive outcome for all to share, to lift all up to light and enlightenment can we protect and nurture life on earth, our own children's future, our own nation's future, our own private future.

Where will these actions be taken?

Many in the United States and probably our world limit their definition of "eco+nomic" to mechanical rates of private cash in private bank accounts of only one obvious now.....but we need to expand our vision to include also qualities such as descriptions impossible to count in cash....logic and intelligence and obserations of artists and scientists, values that scientists use numbers to measure.  We need to balance quantities/numbers with qualities/logic so we don't forget what we're counting.  For example...I can cut an apple into 1000  pieces...but the apple is still only one apple linguistically in language and legal and logical terms...yet our cash-driven "eco+nomic" system has limited our counts to mechanical rates of private cash in only one prifate bank account of only one private self now.  Our word root, "eco-" as in "eco+nomic" as in name and/or number...and as in "eco+logic" as in logic, intelligence, log of mathematical significance exponentially ....means "house" or "oikos" in Greek....but not every house nurtures those within.   Some houses limit their counts to mechanical rates of private cash that crush life in that house.   Humans need to protect and value the invaluable of nature's amazing productivity of 1. abudnnat riches to count..and also 2. critical but uncuountable flows and cycles and whole living systems impossible to count in cash...


All need to redefine our word, "eco+nomic" and "worth" and "riches" etc  as both name/value/quality/logic/processs/links/nodes/patterns outcomes of productivity impossible to count in cash as in art...and number/quantity/rates/crushing/counting/dividing that crushes the ability of living systems to function, to proudce enough to consume, to consume enough to produce enough to survive and thrive, obvious or not, counted in cash or not....

We need to define our word "eco+nomic" as both rates of numbers& outcomes of values imposible to count in cash, eg beauty or structure or function descriptions ...

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

BAU,burning all fossil fuels has already caused almost a2degreeC rise in temperature that James Hansen of NASA warned would cause earth to become "another planet".We need to act now to maximize positive potentials&minimize deadly risks&costsAMAPASAP.The battle between scientists&"climate deniers"=simply a function of"climate deniers"limiting their counts to mechanical rates of private$in only1private bank account,refusing to care about their own children's future.But they can not afford that.Our nation&earth can not afford that,obvious or not,counted in private cash now or not.Value our uncountable futures now.Changes of "global warming"heating,baking,drowning are not confined to the gradual cognitive expectations of a climate denier that doesn't want change$inAccount,but subject instead to extreme,rapid,abrupt,unexpected shifts/quakes exponentially far beyond the ability of any to imagine.Positive changes can be just as impressive exponentially:NatureGrows+HarvestExponentially.toHeal




What are other key benefits?


Most of all,hidden genetic potentials of nature/living systems to produce therapeutic healing are enormous&humans have mostly failed to include those exponential positive potentials in economic or scientific/technical calculations, especially photosynthetic/invention sequestration of climate C to living C to increase rates of sequestration even more;but humans need to include those amazing exponential potentials for exponential positive outcomes immediately to consume monstrous negative potentials of negeative explosions that humans have caused for the last 150 years of industrialization/sprawl crushing/poisoning the ability of nature to grow careless/reckless drilling for fricken fracken/tarsands/coal/other fossil fuels with flaring, explosions of train bombs/truckbombs/pipebombs that rip apart the ability of nature to funciton on fragile lands/lives of America.We need to leave dinosaurs/fossil fuels in the ground.  We don't need fossil fuels or nuclear risks.


What are the proposal’s costs?

Industrial cash-driven systems count rates of cash....but nature grows invaluable values and worth through the time is now to plant seeds to protect our futures freely please.  Thanks.

Remember that prevention pays big dividends exponentially....obvious or not, counted in cash or not....and that Adam & Eve did not need rates or numbers of cash or industrialization until they trampled/crushed nature's abilities to grow abundnace for them to harvest...obvious or not, counted in cash or not.

Count more than cash to value the invaluable/priceless/uncountable gifts.   "The best things in life are free"....


Time line

100% Renewable Energy & Efficiency 100% doable by 2030 (IRENA 2016) or before....100% doable by 2050 (, Jacobson MZ 2015) or before.....if the fossil fuel industry expertise would help America to transition to a 100% Renewable Energy & Efficiency infrastructure or get out of the way, and if the U.S. eliminates the pay to play system of Elections that allowed the fossil fuel industry to buy my US Government to crush balance of power while the White House continues to push for the Dakota Access Tarsands Pipeline, DAPL, tarsands the "dirtiest fuel on the planet" (McKibben     ) and that means "game over" for our hopes to end our 6th Extinction, crushing our own children's futures (McKibben).

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