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Tomas Brage

May 24, 2016


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Welcome to the 2016 Buildings contest and thank you for your proposal!


Daniel Kammen

May 24, 2016


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Projects like this are so important because they highlight and explore the ability to dramatically and rapidly decarbonize our lifestyles will require us to utilize clean energy and to make efficient and minimal use of materials when possible.  This project achieves this.  Bravo!

Julie Barry

Jun 7, 2016


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Excellent idea. Great potential for helping to resolve senior and affordable housing issues as well. I'm interested in knowing what zoning issues you might be facing in CA. Given the portability, is it classified as a structure? Here in MA, many communities have prohibitions on more than one dwelling on a lot, regardless of the lot size. For example, the Town of Lexington recognizes the need - in section 6.7 of the zoning bylaw  - to allow accessory apartments for all sorts of good reasons, including energy efficiency and providing housing for young adults and seniors. But the apartments are only allowed in existing primary or accessory structures. And even where accessory or in-law type structures are allowed, there are often minimum lot sizes (in Lexington it's 10,000 sf), and lot coverage, density, or set back restrictions that make it difficult to develop a second structure. If you intend to introduce this nationally, you may want to consider selecting a state with restrictive zoning provisions as your next test case, and challenge the restrictions. Down the road, it might be helpful to conduct a state by state survey as to where THIMBY's are allowed by right, with zoning relief, or prohibited.

Good luck and best wishes on your proposal!

Tiziano Cattaneo

Jun 13, 2016


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Hello THIMBY, Good luck for your project proposal. Just review and make it completed before meet deadline after tomorrow. Thank you.