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Dr. Arun Jhaveri

Apr 28, 2017


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Design, Development, Construction, Operation/Maintenance, and Retrofitting of New and Existing High Performance Buildings, respectively, can significantly reduce the Green House Gas Emissions, thus aggressively combating Global Climate Change, as well as accomplish the URGENT GOAL of Carbon-Neutral future, before the anticipated Tipping Point in 2030, consistent with the December 2015 United Nations Agreement on Global Climate Change in Paris, France. The Building sector alone could provide as much as 40% of total energy savings around the world, when the High Performance Buildings become the reality in the Commercial, Governmental, Institutional, and Industrial Sectors of the economy, specifically in the fast-developing URBAN Sector, where nearly 70% of the people currently reside and use primarily fossil energy sources. Thus, the High Performance Buildings can become the Innovative example of Renewable and Clean/Green energy consumption that eventually can help achieve the Carbon Neutral future for all.