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Ashley Pilipiszyn

May 11, 2016


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A very interesting idea and great start! You provide a wealth of background material and current prototypes but I would be interested to see what is the specific action plan you are proposing or concrete steps you would want to take in order to push hydrogen-fueled aircraft forward. Is it an element of design or engineering that you are looking to adapt or modify? Or are you looking to promote and raise community awareness of the possibilities of hydrogen-fueled aircraft? Great work and looking forward to hearing more!

Michael Hayes

May 20, 2016


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Dear Ashley, 

Thank you for the feedback. As the development, testing, and certification of a completely new aircraft concept can take decades, this proposal is best viewed as a conceptual exploration effort more than a near term concrete development level proposal. Gaining public awareness of such 'out of the box' concepts is important and I hope this proposal stimulates some broader discussions on the issue of using H2 as FF based contrails are, in fact, trapping atmospheric heat...espcially in densely populated areas which already have a heat island problem.

Thank you for volunteering as a CoLab Catalyst as many authors are as much interested in gaining detailed feedback than they are winning.

Best regards,