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First of all, it is crucial to acknowledge that deserts are not wastelands, they are ecosystems and provide ecosystem services. Where needed, water supply could help but it needs proper management together with landscape approaches. Just supply of water could create water logging and salinity problems as happened all over the world in the long run where irrigation schemes were introduced in desert areas. This technology needs to be pilot-tested first and after its long-term impacts including environmental impacts should be further promoted. The proposal needs to be focused and stated with clear objectives and budgeting.

This is more of a geoengineering proposal than adaptation. The author might suggest something o a very small scale and learn about how (in)effective dumping desalinated seawater on deserts could be before advocating watering all the deserts in the world. In terms of the geoengineering aspect, as with most such proposals, the unintended negative consequences are ignored by the proponent, and would likely be larger than any positive ones.

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The 2016 Climate CoLab Judges

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Neil Lizotte

Jun 7, 2016


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The water would be desalinated with graphene water filters that can handle large volumes at 1000 PSI, i think I mentioned that.

I am proposing irrigating the Worlds deserts and farms with 100% clean salt free water.

Deserts are not waste lands , but add clean water they they become an oasis.

This technology is being used every day current systems can handle 6000,000 liters per day from one system and major advances are being made.

We need large steps and time is of great concern, we are talking 100% clean salt free water.

Managing the way the water is delivered is a concern and it does need to be managed.

Please consider the costs of building never ending sea walls, then think of how beautiful ocean front property will be with a ugly sea wall around it.

Then comes the biggest issue what will you do with the billions of climate refugees that need a new home because their's is under water and how will you feed them.

With rising water levels on all our coasts, all low lying farm lands will be destroyed and where will we make up for the lost food supply?

It is hard to come up with costs, but tell me this how much will sea walls cost?

How much will joining billions of climate refugees to our community's cost and how will we feed them etc.

How much will new wars because of climate change cost.

We need to use as much water as we can responsibly use and remember what the true costs will be, which get higher every day.

How clean is water after it comes out of a graphene water filter?

Answer : It doesn't get any better.

It is a geoengineering proposal that effects climate adaptation.

I am sorry I wish I could have added embedded videos to the proposal.

Take care