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The Proposal is about a start-up network which focuses on promoting and fostering Green economy in Africa in order to mitigate the climate change impacts.This aims to bring together researchers, policy makers , business leaders, civil societies  to develop a co-productive initiative in green economy to tackle climate change in Africa.

Category of the action

Mitigation/Adaptation, Changing public attitudes about climate change

What actions do you propose?

Workshop to identify possibilities of future cooperation among stakeholders;

Training of green entrepreneurs

Building capaciy of civil societies and policy makers

Who will take these actions?

Universities/African institutions

Where will these actions be taken?

In the five regions of Africa

What are other key benefits?

Green jobs creation

Green designs,

green buildings

Green cities

Promotion of renewable energies in Africa

What are the proposal’s costs?

We will bring details later on

Time line

  • Five years.
  • One year for renewable energies promotion;
  • One year for green building promotion;
  • One year for reforestation;
  • One year for bio-farming;
  • One year for green jobs.

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