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Michaël Houle

Apr 30, 2015

Contest Manager

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New contest submission deadline! Submit your project proposal by June 13, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Pooja Verma

Jun 3, 2015


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Respected Sir, I also want to give my suggestion regarding waste management but I'm unable to deliver that particular proposal on site due to some problem regarding the license authentication and I'm not able to get the authentication please give your suggestion that how can I get that license. Please Sir reply as soon as possible as the deadline is coming.

Osero Shadrack Tengeya

Jun 3, 2015


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Hi Pooja verma, Thanks for your desire to submit a proposal to the Climate CoLab Waste management contest. Regarding to your question, can you kindly specify which lincence you're looking for. Is it the licence to access the Climate CoLab website? If its so, to submit your work needs no licence. Only that you must agree to the policy governing the Climate CoLab website. I'd suggest if its a technical challenge, let us know for the information to be send to the website engineers. Hope this helps and Good luck.

Nelson Enojo

Jun 18, 2015


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Pleasant greetings from the Philippines! May we add another initiative for Waste Management Discussion. Respectfully sharing local activities: 'Turning Garbage Into Trees' Many thanks.

Michael Hayes

Jul 14, 2015


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The CoLab IT platform has become un-stable and is butchering/mixing/dropping text of the work being developed and posted by the proposers. As a precaution against this un-predictable situation, I've created a Google Doc with the CoLab form copied and pasted to it. Please follow the text posted in the Google Doc as it is stable and the CoLab presentation is not. Waste Management: Chemosynthetic Production of Biomass Using Sewage Nutrients: Apologies, Michael

Michael Hayes

Jul 17, 2015


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Hello Annalyn, The problem of dropping text/revisions has happened again. In particular, the proposals at: omitted important text changes in multiple sectors. Please compare what I copied and pasted into version.... Google Doc....(which I created as a last chore on that proposal after coordinating all info on both of the above proposals) as opposed to what ended up in the CoLab Docs. Final version of my work on both 'Waste Management' and 'Atypical Ideas for Carbon Neutrality' Further, I've referenced 'Global Scale: Chemosynthetic Management of the Water/Energy/Nutrient Nexus-WENN' within and the link takes it to 'Energy/Water Nexus' The numerous faults in accurately portraying my work are becoming almost too numerous for me to check. Please help me properly get the work I've accumulated to the judges on both contests. Please pass on the Final Version Google Doc Warmest regards, Michael