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Stevie Harison

Jun 12, 2015


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Hello from Indonesia, Good luck for your project proposal. Just review and make it completed before meet deadline tomorrow. Thank you,

Sergio Pena

Jun 12, 2015


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Dear contributor, it is a very interesting proposal. However, how do you manage the main point to obligue the country officials in order to fulfill all the requirements you pointed out in order to support this project? How do you change the behaviour of persons to contribute towards the implementation of this project? You can find other projects in India and China that might complement your project. Best regards. Sergio Pena Connector Catalyst.

Beatriz Luz

Jun 13, 2015


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Thanks Sergio for your comments. I would love to learn more from India and China. I have seen some interesting projects that provides incentives to the community that resulted in increasing recycling rates: Wecyclers in Nigeria,Lagos, Plastic Bank in Colombia and Peru and the Recycle Bank in the UK. Would love to develop something like that too in Brazil. Changing people's behavior is a long term process but incentives and/or fines can immediate bring some results in people's attitude. Moreover, a good marketing awareness and education campaign can also contribute. In Brazil there are a few national em regional discussions about green procurement and discussions are on going on how to define product sustainability. There is no discussion about the use of recycled material. The idea is to show best practices from other countries and also the potential improvements to waste management and increasing recycling rates. Regards, Beatriz