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Lee Nhan

Apr 16, 2015


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New Technology Solutions 100% energy efficient I own a solution that will bring renewable energy to new heights, making it become reality and effective Will solving every challenge in energy, environment, global ecology How to make ? I created , the tornado then turned into storms, super storms , with wind speeds above 300 km / h, but do not worry, it only takes place in the concrete wall 6, ( technology secrets ,will not revealed ) 1 - To reduce sound because it is very noisy, 2 - Shock protection, waterproof, absolute safety, So it's absolutely endure harsh weather, whether rain, storms, freezing, earthquakes, though the sky had collapsed it still works as usual And if you imagine, the scenes in the movie, when people want to make people hovering or fly in air , then you will understand , But especially the way I do, doesn't cost any cost And it will, repetitive, so it works continuously 24/7/365 night and day (simulated , sound effects echo delay ) But I'm just an individual, study, or just a farmer, very poor, can not afford financially, do not know anything about finance cumbersome procedures, I hope that someone really cares, helped, grow together, quickly bringing it to life . To make this planet green and clean, for the future of our children I need financial support, and a number of technical areas, ( because it works with intense speed, ultra high ) This solution also has features , difference, no need storage systems, cumbersome and costly Best regards, LE PHUOC NHAN +841212837408 TrongDong Energy Co Ltd or

Michaël Houle

Apr 30, 2015

Contest Manager

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New contest submission deadline! Submit your project proposal by June 13, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.