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Asor is simply lights on in Akan, a Ghanaian dialect.



Value Proposition

Meeting urgent power needs across Africa.



  • Survey conducted states current power is not sufficient and erratically distributed.
  • Consumers pay for power and don’t get their monies worth.
  • There is enough raw material to generate electricity.
  • Lets pool resources (plastics, organic material) so we can generate

enough power to provide to alternate markets.

A sample space of 50 respondents was used for research and survey for the Asor smart management system app;

  • 98% of respondents would like an app that detects and manages power status and provides customized services
  • 96% of respondents want to measure power consumption to make better informed decisions


What actions do you propose?

ASOR SMART Data & Energy Management Bank  – Our Solutions

  • Consumers Crowd sourcing App; Useful for pooling green resources(plastic waste, sawdust, compost, briquettes, biodiesel,wood ash, plant colors as indigo, etc.) have been crucial for human needs whereby consumers will receive rewards in return for green resources collected. Green resources refer to materials that keep our global environment greener and minimize deforestation, by considering resource and energy; reason being that plastic waste if not managed from the end user point, is burnt or buried and becomes a major factor to climate change

  • Device to manage consumption and green resources. Battery bank attached to last for up to 78 hours. A smart logic circuit (using arduino/raspberry pi) programmed  to collect and manage energy short falls/ surplus, counter to collect green resources and other value added services such as weather, traffic situation etc.

  • Consumer analysis and Client Services

  • Sell data to Electricity Service Providers, Businesses

Who will take these actions?

   ASOR SMART Data & Energy Management Bank Services

  • How do I manage my life?                                              

  • Consumers:
  • Phase 1:

Check and provide real-time status of electricity, green monitor to manage green resources and provide weather updates.

Phase 2:

Check real-time status of electricity at home (with device) with battery bank attached to provide real time status, provide efficient green resources management, collection, analysis of data/resources, as well as green rewards, shopping vouchers, trinkets  and movie tickets for loyal consumers.

The catch here is to sell data of power short falls/ surplus to renewable power generation companies. The application also provides users the opportunity to contribute green resources such as plastic which will boost their green rewards as the user's green count increases.

  • Electricity Service Providers:

How do I manage my customers based on their consumption?

  • Phase 1:

Check estimated consumption of customers; manage green consumption as a service for consumers on our platforms 

  • Phase 2:

Check real-time consumption of customers (with device)and provide backup power as an additional service (power banks) to meet the client services expectations of our consumers

Where will these actions be taken?

With 1.2 billion people still living without electricity across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, it’s clear where our work will be focused for the foreseeable future, our priority is to find the cleanest energy solutions to meet local needs in the smartest ways possible.

Our long term goal(10 +) is to target a universal access to electricity. All residents and industries in Ghana to have green alternatives to power generation and decrease carbon emissions in Ghana by half its current release into the environment.

Our Target Customers: Who are they and what do they want?

  • Industries
  • Professionals
  • Mobile & Internet industry

  • Informal sector of the Ghanaian economy

  • Social Media Users

  • FREE & CHEAP APP users (1-5 GHC) spending power per day to use the App.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Different studies have proven that companies with a pro-active sustainable policy achieve better results than their competitors. The Asor solutions reduce energy cost and will be more appreciated by customers (in B2B and B2C) because of our green image.

 Asor's target is to generate zero green house emissions with a large experience and know-how concerning sustainability strategies, CO2-reduction, development of renewable energy projects, purchase and sales of renewable energy and certificates.

What are other key benefits?

Consumers know their weekly or monthly short falls

Suppliers know their target markets, the overall benefit to the environment in diversifying our power mix to include more renewable sources and hence the reduction of green emission.

Use plastic to bio-diesel, and also plastic furniture production to cut the demand for fossil fuels/ logging as a strategy to combat climate change.

  • First Mover: No product on the market that provides real-time status, energy and other customer related services

  • Interim Need: ECG Smart Meter –focuses on revenue and tampering not client related services

  • Multiple Platforms: Mobile ready vs desktop. More appropriate for Ghana. Services such as green monitoring and plastic collection will be an instant success

  • Affordable: App is FREE!

   •Energy Data

   •Customer Preference Reports

   •Industry Reports

What are the proposal’s costs?

Asor Financials

Time line

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