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Stevie Harison

Jun 11, 2015


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Greetings from Indonesia, team Alpha. Your idea is good actually but questioning whether it could be applicable in any country around the world or not. Different technological capacity, High/low technological readiness, socio-cultural traditions, and many more should be taken into consideration. In Japan, I already know that more and more homes became computerized and even using robot to assist in monitoring and maintaining the house. I admit that it will effectively saving energy because it already using sophisticated technological system. In other country, especially least developed and poor country, it still far to implement it. Thta's just intermezzo. Well, regarding your proposal, I think this idea will be suitable with urban society not the rural one. The infrastructure, telecommunication facilities, and other supporting devices is available in urban not rural areas. So that can be added into consideration for your proposal, more real and practicable. Thank you !