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Stevie Harison

Jun 11, 2015


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Hello from Indonesia, Kratos Geosolutions It's nice to read your proposal. I'm quite agree with your comprehensive concept, but the core thing I want to point out is about technical things such as knowledge about biodigester usage, measurable analysis on social and environmental impacts, and so on. In Indonesia, especially in my city, Bandung, the capital of Asia and Africa unity and solidarity, we also enthusiastic with installation of 100 biodigesters of which produced by Japanese technology. It is mainly purposed to reduce the high volume of organic waste from its urban society. In 2015, we already have 104 biodigesters but the city council's goal is to have more than 10,000 biodigesters in 2018 so that it will definitely makes the city greener and healthier. Here is the link (in Bahasa Indonesia): The difference with your proposal is the main target of the project. While in yours, it is peri-urban schools, in ours, it is every single sub-districts around the city. It will give more boost to environmental friendly urban lifestyle in converting organic waste into energy sources. SO this explanation could add your point of view in making your project more applicable and generate bigger impacts. Thank you and success,

James Sudi

Jul 16, 2015


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Hello Kratos Geosolutions, Thank you @stevieleonardharison for that piece of information. Everyday we learn something new. I agree with your view of a bigger outlook in terms of the approach and what the project can achieve in the long run. I find the idea from Kratos to be very specific/targeted and that's a good start-off point. I will join in to encourage Kratos Geosolutions in this initiative. All the best Kratos Geosolutions. Regards, Soodie