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Each electrical n electronic devices can have IP adress-hence connected-and all use energy-can they communicate energy consumption n saving?



With IPV6 and Internet of things we see that everything can be connected easily

But it should be noted that most of things now days in urban areas consume energy-whether it is elevator or lifts in building or cars or doors of the building, from office (computers,AC etc) to kitchen in the house most things consume energy.

Regardless of efforts of being conscious on energy saving by changing our habits and installing smart gadgets like sensors and so on still several time energy balance and savings is a challenge.

But there is another interesting thing that almost every person in urban areas have a mobile phone.

Can the following be achieved:

  1. can everything that consume energy in the building connected to each other and with the mobile of the residents of the building
  2. Can the TV know that I should hibernate because the Brander or Iron needs more power for few minutes 
  3. Can All the gadget communicate incase of a problem or malfunction to your mobile phone?
  4. When accidentally you forgot to switch off the Iron after ironing, in five minutes can Iron send the message to your mobile that Sir/Madam you forgot to switch me off
  5. Can you receive the SMS that your office equipment have problem because all of the sudden something is consuming more power than normal?
  6. When the OWNER of the office, house or building can not be reached by sms or no response for few minutes can the building balance its own energy priority to those areas which are important and other areas to hibernate or switch off completely


Can we call this ENERGY OF THINGS (EOT) where every energy consuming device is connected to each other and connected to the owner?

What actions do you propose?

  1. Research on Hardware and Software that can Integrate every power consuming device an individual or a building or a household and that to be connected to the smart phone.
  2. Once Proved a success on the software and hardware cities to have policies that every building and household in urban areas to install such equipment and software to be able to efficiently balance and reduce energy consumption. 
  3. By having proper policies on energy management and consumption we can reduce global emissions

Who will take these actions?

1: Technology research institutions centers- On Research and testing of technology

2: Government of Policies and regulations for technology implementation on cities

3: Every person and every property owner

Where will these actions be taken?

Any urban city in the world

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

It will really depend on the adaptation of the technology hence willvary from city to city

What are other key benefits?

  1. Easy to monitor energy consumption in your house
  2. Reduced waste of energy hence saving the environment from more power production which always have impact to the environment
  3. Reduce unnecessary electrical or electronic accidents as a result of malfunctioning of equipment.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

  1. <5 years research and proving of technology
  2. 5-10 years policy and regulations formulations for each building using such a technology

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