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To solve this problem requires the right market-based incentives, some new regulations, plus a massive grassroots movement.



The climate change problem cannot be solved in isolation. It must be part of a bigger plan to achieve prosperity for all American citizens. We must create a grassroots, populist movement that represents the interests of 90% of Americans. This movement will demand that a "new bill of rights" be passed by congress. Our movement will have a 12 point plan to stop climate change that includes many market-based incentives that will be acceptable to most traditional conservatives. The overall plan will also include ways to cut government department costs by 25% ( more for the military) while being more effective at meeting the challenges of the 21st century. The plan will also include necessary changes to trade policy and  the financial system. And it will re quire a complete change to a Social Democracy  and to Regulated Capitalism. The net total cost to stop climate change and achieve our new "rights" will be less than business-as-usual---and may be far less.

The details are in the individual proposals below.

Which proposals are included in your plan and how do they fit together?


Plan to make government services more effective and less costly in the US

Plan for real financial reform which fixes a “rigged system”

Plan for international trade that protects jobs, environment and climate.

how to cut fossil fuel use by 75% in the stop climate change

Explanation of the emissions scenario calculated in the Impact tab

What are the plan’s key benefits?

What are the plan’s costs?

What are the key challenges to enacting this plan?


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