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Become a sentinel of climate change impacts ,disaster with your smartphone, help adapting and monitoring with the SIGNALERT reporting tools



SIGNALERT App is a smartphone App in constant evolution. His fficiency rely on the networks of users distributed world worldwide.

On the model of what is done by WAZE or by GOOGLE CRISIS, SIGBALERT Provide a tool to collect, exploit, display and analyse reports send by people of what they see or cope with for slowly evolving phenomenons with weak and scattered signal as well as for  concentrated intense events with no warning such as earthquakes or tornadoes.

SIGNALETR remain simple and accessible to anyone by using simple and visible markers of the intensity or the impact of the phenomenon to describe from the weakest effects to the most catastrophic.

The APP already allows to report with intensity scales for 7 different types of phenomenon and need to expand its scientific and technical network of partners to covers much more phenomenons by creating new intensity scales.

Visitwww.signalert.euand download the App on Applestore and Googleplay.

What actions do you propose?


The idea is to make anyone with its smartphone a sentinel wherever he lives or travel and complete or replace/complete physical sensor measures or iinterpretations with the structured data send with SGNALERT APP.

Contributing by a report (sending a report with the App) allows to share with other users in the neighborhood the alerts.

SIGNALERT App make citizen an agent of environmental monitoring wherever he goes.

The App is also a downward link toward the user who can received urgent warning messages from official early warning institutions.

Who will take these actions?


The citizen or anyone can be the reporter ,  the sentinel using the smartphone App.

Our platform is operationnal and can be accessed freely or by subscription depending on data and level of informations desired.


Where will these actions be taken?


No geographical limit. YOu can leave in LA and report an event in NY which will be usefull to several institution at the same time and be seen also by local users of the App, or you can be advised by local people of something happening in a place you have never been before.

Can take place anywhere on the planet provided you can reach an area covered by mobile phone networks within hours. A complete off-line version is in the pipe.
SIGNALERT has been tested throughout the world since January 2014.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?


What is the Carbon emisssion of the construction of a smartphone ?

what is the carbon emission of a message send with a smartphone ?


The App should yield soon images, and illustration of what are the markers of climate change in front of you door or when travelling and build the capacity of people to identify markers of each type of phenomenon intensitu wherever tey can be climate change induced or from geophysical or man made disasters

What are other key benefits?


Make everybody an actor of environmental monitoring

Inform and raise awareness  about climate change, disasters, and provide useful advices.



What are the proposal’s costs?


The system already exist and works.

The range of costs is :

about 10000 us $ to elaborate, develop, test and benchmark one new type of phenomenon to describe with the APP.

50000 us $ for a communication campaign


Time line

On very short term, presentation at COP21 in Paris, Dec 2015.

Complete deployment of the App for all type of disasters and multilingual within 5 years.

Feed back after 5 years of experiences and use, success or unsuccesful story with a meeting of users and partners by the end of 5 years.

APP Should be available on all types of devices (PC, tablets , smartphone and their grandchildren) in 2020.

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