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Peter Suchmann

Apr 26, 2015


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I don't see this as a viable grassroots movement. Too many logistical nightmares.....Keep working on it.....

Jennifer Perron

Jun 11, 2015


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Hello Ben, Thanks for your proposal to the Climate CoLab. I'm one of the catalysts, helping provide comments and feedback, in an effort to help strengthen proposals. Thanks for your proposal for a global grassroots treaty, aimed at reallocating funding from military use toward environmental causes. A few comments/suggestions to help strengthen your proposal: A) If I understand our idea correctly, your idea is to pilot a test case of such a grassroots treaty in Eugene, Oregon, and then consider how the model could be expanded. If this is the case, I'd recommend your stating that early on in the project summary as a concrete proposal of how the idea would launch. B) I'm not sure I follow specifically how you are proposing that war funds would be reallocated. Given that most military funding occurs at the federal level and flows to the private sector, I'm not certain how you are proposing that local communities at the grassroots and/or municipal level would seek to ascertain these funds... Can you more concretely articulate how this reallocation would work? C) You'll want to be sure to address how the treaty, and its test case, will help inform the contest theme, shaping attitudes and behavior on climate change. Thanks for your contributions to the CoLab!

Stevie Harison

Jun 12, 2015


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Hello from Indonesia, Good luck for your project proposal. Just review and make it completed before meet deadline tomorrow. Thank you,