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Peter Suchmann

Apr 5, 2015


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I think you are off to a great start. keep going. A single central and universal internet presence where every one can go to see what is happening all over the earth is a great idea. Very few people realize the big picture. It is too difficult to grasp. Perhaps your idea will help. It will require a huge campaign to roll it out. It can be established by high school or college students all over the earth- with Google translate functionality so as to remove language as a barrier. Keep going......

Dharmik Shah

Apr 9, 2015


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Appreciate your thoughts. I did recommend you to check these 2 initiatives, which are quite similar to yours, and probably network with them to get ahead. 1. Climate Reality Leadership Corps - started by Vice President Al Gore 2. Alliance for Climate Education. Thanks and All the Best.

Emilia Hull

May 7, 2015


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I think your idea is great - the only problem is that many have already thought of different versions of this idea. There are numerous online platforms and organizations that attempt to fill this role and promote the same message through the use of very powerful images, poignant stories, and powerful slogans. While a few of the bigger online presences have enjoyed successes - namely movements such as Earth Day and campaigns - most fail to reach their initial goal. While there is a need for social campaigns, which have been shown to be effective tools in reaching millions and motivating people, we also need other, more innovative methods moving forward.

Jennifer Perron

Jun 10, 2015


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Hello Caitlin, Thanks for your proposal to the Climate CoLab. I'm one of the catalysts, helping provide comments and feedback, in an effort to help strengthen proposals. Thank you for sharing your proposal for a mass "This is Climate Change" campaign, highlighting the impacts and effects of climate change on regular people. I really like your concept of a multi-organizational coalition, organizing around the same theme or slogan, and including personalized accounts of people's experiences, as well as the simplicity of your meme. A few questions/suggestions: A) As mentioned above, it may be useful to reference prior campaign efforts or web repositories, yet explain why this campaign would be different/more successful. Why would this campaign be more effective? What would it do that others didn't? How might it shift the political discourse? (I think the key to this may be sheer numbers, or the degree of main-stream attention it were able to achieve). B) How might this campaign respond to those deniers of anthropocentric climate change that concur that climate change is happening, but deny that humans have anything to do with it? It would seem that this particular audience would not likely be swayed, even by examples of climate impacts. C) You might include references to the types of costs that may be incurred in running a large campaign, including human resources + labor, materials, advertising and marketing, etc. D) Finally, you might identify some organizations or individuals who may be more likely to get this idea off the ground. Again, I like where you are headed; keep going... Thanks for your contribution.

Stevie Harison

Jun 12, 2015


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Hello from Indonesia, Good luck for your project proposal. Just review and make it completed before meet deadline tomorrow. Thank you,