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YNCCC is a youth led initiative to link the youth with onging climate actions through discussion and actual involvemnt on climate projects.



Youth Negotiation on Climate Change Convention is a youth led initiative aiming to bring an influential participation from youth on discussions and decision making of an international climate floor. YNCCC tasked itself so that the youth will play a significant role on two parts.

One is global negotiations which most climate related decisions are hypothesized and drafted. On these negotiations the youth element should become bold and take influential part as climate change is an intergenerational problem.

The second part is of focus is, to create a plat form where the youth become an active climate actor. This involves brining a clean energy projects that can be easily be implemented on their community. Thus YNCCC will serve as a hub for youths, especially in universities, to bring innovative clean projects which are feasible and effective on the community. 

The mentioned concepts will be implemented on three strategies. The first one is – to host an awareness & knowledge exchange programs. This includes, conducting national and regional conferences to gather best practices for the youth from various countries, Seminars on Climate change & clean development, workshops on climate negotiations to bring young negotiators who will reflect the youth’s position.

The second strategy is to establish innovational hubs in universities where students will submit proposals from various discipline which its solution addresses climate change on some way. There are many young people who are able to come up with concepts which can contribute to the global climate action. YNCCC, through these hubs, will receive such proposals to discuss it with experts on that particular filed who can suggest on feasibility and implementation. After passing the revision of advisers , YNCCC will take the proposal to potential funding organization who can finically support the  proposed project. 

What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

YNCCC structured itself so that it can effectively execuite the planed actions. 

Board Members

 The Board of YNCCC consists of 10 students who have experience organizing and leading various projects. The team shall be responsible for designing plans and executing tasks. As YNCCC will be a youth-led initiative the Board members will play a significant role on managing the  staff, preparation of background guides, managing the innovation hubs ,communication and public relation, conference servicen and   administration.


               Volunteers are the core human resource for the program. The volunteers have been recruited through online registration form  .For the full course of the conferences and innovation programs, 150 students and youth volunteers from different areas are required. The online registration includes essay questionnaires to vet for the efficient volunteers. These shortlisted volunteers’ work on substantive works which includes making researches on the issues of the conferences and moblizing  university students to bring a practical projects for hte community . Once assigned by the team leaders, volunteers will mainly involve on preparing the background guides.


Advisory Board

                  A group of professionals will be selected from government and non-government organizations, who served as negotiators, experts and policy makers on matters related to climate change.  These elected advisors will guide the overall programs of YNCCC.  The Advisory Board shall be responsible to suggesting what should be added or removed from innovational projects , follow up the progress of the conferences,  and to provide technical assistance and guidance whenever necessary. The Advisory Board has important role to publicize the accomplishments and to supplement gaps. The advisory board will assist YNCCC’s team in establishing partnership with other organizations also.


Where will these actions be taken?

The main areas that these actions will take place will b in universities. For the time being YNCCC selected 5 local universities and 3 African universities to start its work.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

What are other key benefits?

National program

·         Innovational projects which can be done by youths will be proposed

·         Publish a working paper on how to engage youths onto climate change actions

·         A broad awareness of what Climate Change Negotiations will be addressed

Regional program

·         On the regional conference create a peer to peer interaction among the youths of Africa to participate on international floor of decision makings.

·         Inspire youth movement towards climate change actions by funding a pilot projects working on improvement of Adaptation techniques

·         Though the National discourse; students will escalate their views and understanding of the applicability of adaptation


What are the proposal’s costs?


1.           Innovation Hub for Youth

The idea of implementation is inspired from Resolution project and SIDA Education for Sustainable Development – Change Management Projects.

 The innovation hub for the Ethiopian universities will be  

Seed Funding     400$       

Operational cost  600 $     

Project cost        9,000 $   


Establishing Innovation Hub for 3 African Universities


Seed Funding    2,000$

Operational Cost              1,500$    

Project Cost       10,000 $

Total cost             13,500 $ 


1.            Regional conference


Travel expense of participants   900 $       

Accommodation for participants               5,000 $   

Prizes for wining university team              1,250  $  




Table 6.Climate Negotiation Workshop  

Trainers cost      2,000    

Professional workshop 4,000    

Operational cost               500        

Total      6,500    


Total Project Cost

Total funding for innovation Hubs            22,500   $               

Personnel cost 12,000$

Operational Cost              2,500 $

Regional Conference      7,900 $                

Climate Negotiation workshop 6,500 $                   

10% flexibility    4,015$    

Grand total         56,540$                  


Time line

Since the actions planed are very vital in addressing issues of climate change , the support on this issue is gradually increasing. Between 5-15 years YNCCC is aiming to reach to a level where it becomes influential youth submit in Africa .

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