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Hemant Wagh

Apr 16, 2015


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Using Fruit-Seeds (considered as waste) for most beneficial purposes for planet & mankind as shown in would be one of the best steps towards circular economy ! Dear Hemant Wagh, You are perfectly right "No Man Is An Island." In this context I consíder this to mean that others will follow the good examples provided by their neighbors, friends etc. Planting fruit trees would be an good option, if we could quarantee that resulting fertilizer would be of such quality that we could use it to grow food. Otherwise it must be restricted to non-food purposes, trees, flowers... In the long run trought the education of people that the sewer is no trash can this could be achieved. Respected Sir, Parts of plants & fruits unused by mankind except seeds, seeds be used as per can form good manure, fertilizer; easier than dealing with human excreta, increase green cover with the seeds themselves, involve all age groups in collecting storing and distributing the seeds easily. So this is best initial step towards circular economy.