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Charles Ehrhart

Jun 5, 2015


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This looks like a great proposal. However, wouldn't it sit better under the "Adaptation" contest? Climate-smart agriculture is, in the sense outlined by your proposal, typically associated more with the adaptation than mitigation challenge.

Kati Wenzel

Jun 8, 2015


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Hi, I would like to know more about the reasons behind proposing these three plants in one system. Have you already done research on this? Are these specifically well suited to be planted together or is it beneficial to the soil to grow all three on a rotational basis? Thanks and best wishes, Kati

Mohammadreza Davari

Jun 10, 2015


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Thanks for your comments and sorry for delay because of some problem in the website you know climate smart agriculture has three principles includes 1. sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes; 2. adapting and building resilience to climate change; 3. reducing and/or removing greenhouse gases emissions, where possible. so our proposal cover sustain ably income (1) and adapting to climate change (2) which both are CSA...many Iranian farmers are migrating to city because of water shortage and dryness..we can help the with some this kind farming systems... Regarding second comment I should say we already done a experimental research on this topic and it was successful so far...they don't have any allelopathic and side effects fortunately and it is interesting to know all of them are endemic of Iran and tolerance to dryness, warmness and saltiness! we selected this kind integrated farming system because of reasons I mentioned above plus farmer can obtain money from first year with this mixed crops... As you may know Pistachio give nuts after third year but we can harvest rose and saffron flower from first year although is not much economical, at least financially assist farmers.... Please dont hesitate to ask me more questions if you may have more question regarding this IFS.