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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Thank you for your contest entry. We appreciate your willingness to share your ideas and also the time and effort you put into developing a proposal and submitting it to the contest.
We, the Judges, have strongly considered your proposal and found that it contained intriguing elements; however, we have chosen to not advance it to the next round of competition.
We encourage you to keep developing your idea. Transfer your proposal to the Proposal Workspace to re-open it, make edits, add collaborators, and even submit it into a future contest. You can do so by logging into your account, opening your proposal, selecting the Admin tab, and clicking “Move proposal”.
We welcome you to stay involved in the Climate CoLab community: support and comment on proposals that have been named Semi-Finalists and finalists, and even volunteer to join one those teams if you have relevant expertise. During the voting period, you can help select the contest’s Popular Choice Winner. The Climate CoLab will be opening more contests in the coming months, and you are welcome to submit your proposals to those contests as well.
Keep up the great work. We hope that by working together, we all can create solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Judge 1: Interesting ideas, but the core elements of the proposal are scattered throughout multiple pages of miscellaneous images and other bits and pieces. It took me a while to realize that the proposal is about using nutrients from sewage or marine organisms to grow biomass to be used as biofuel or to be sequestered as biochar. In principle, this is not particularly novel, but this proposal is for very large scale efforts (on artificial islands, or...?). I recommend the proposal be re-structured into a more straightforward narrative that clearly sets out the ideas and proposed actions. Images that are not essential to the proposal could be removed to avoid clutter. A timeline of specific actions could be added-- these ideas will not all be implemented globally immediately, so what are the realistic steps to take to get there?

Judge 2: After talking broadly about the importance of dealing with climate change, this proposal recommends the formation of a 'Benefit Corporation' (B Corp.) as the primary agent of change. In my view the last thing we need is yet another organization. We need projects on the ground that can demonstrate feasibility, and then the successful ones should be scaled up.

2015 Climate CoLab Judges

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