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The idea is to combat climate change together with common people's participation in reducing GHGs level from the atmosphere.



  • The idea is to encourage people directly and indirectly to fight against climate change by bringing a policy that will help to fight against climate change along with local participation and returning the benefit of the project to local people.

What actions do you propose?

  • I propose the tree plantation program’s plan and policy. This includes awareness program which will encourage the local and common people to participate and themselves organize community tree plantation program. This tree plantation program also includes gardening. The actions are simple but when implementation perfectly with proper plan, strategy and program policy can give effective result.


         My action will be organizing program that will encourage and motivate people  in planting trees and gardening by offering some earlier benefit and some benefit after the successful completion of my initiated plan with their effort in its completion. The actions will be as follows:


 Firstly, there will be the selection of place to initiate the plan i.e. we’ll be selecting a community (small area) where there is no forest or less number of trees are found.

Then after, awareness campaign will be conducted to aware people about climate change, its impacts on human life and other living organism and they’ll also be given the basic ideas about how they can combat climate change from their level best.

To make this campaign effective, local people will be asked to join the tree plantation program organized be us. Tree plantation program will be conducted in either of the following areas:

  1.              Local school area (if available) so that we can give the responsibility to school for its preservation, offering them the output (like use of fruits if it is fruit tree, using the tree as folder, wood only if they are planting other 10 saplings instead of 1 tree) after the trees are grown.
  2.             Area in that community where people of that place have equal responsibility like bank of river, barren governmental areas(with government’s permission from local forest department), so that the duty of preserving those planted saplings could be given to that community and declare the grown forest as community forest.


  • Taking this in a bit different and possible way is to encourage various communities to plant trees and this can be done by offering 10$P.A for planting and preserving 100 trees and this will be valid for 10 years. Price can be more according to number of trees like 20$P.A for 200 trees,…


  • Planting trees may not be possible in every place so for those places we have to reach to individual. We can encourage individuals to plant at least a tree in front of their house (if possible) by providing them a tree sapling. This is because 1 tree is enough for a family of 4. We also can encourage every individual for gardening. Gardening can be an effective method for combating climate change. We can take example of Tulsi. We can encourage for gardening medicinal plants/herbs. Reaching to individual and reminding them about the benefits that they can get from gardening will definitely change their mindset about gardening as it can be done in small area and doesn’t require large area like that is required to plant trees. 


  • Reaching to individual with program/campaign might not be possible, so to overcome this challenge we can advertise, use social media to make our plan/program/policy reach to every individual.

Who will take these actions?

  • The action has to be taken by non-profit organization that particularly works according to this project plan to launch the designed program effectively without any interference.


  • Government has to support in legal matters like the use of barren governmental land for tree plantation, declaring community forest area, providing necessary possible tree saplings when asked.


  • Individuals have to take part in these programs, supporting our work for their own benefit while making an effort to protect their future and future of coming generation.

Where will these actions be taken?

  • This action is highly suitable in rural areas of developing countries. So, depending upon the forest area of the particular rural area this action can be started in a particular community of that area which will be extended with flow of time covering the whole area and other similar areas(on the basis of forest area).

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

  • The climate of earth has been changing since the beginning. But for now the major reason to worry about it is that it is due to human activity. GHGs are mainly responsible for climate change at present context. Carbon Dioxide(CO2) is one of the major component of GHGs. Every year millions of tons of CO2 are emitted in air. They are either produced form industries or use of fossil fuels or anything else. Reducing CO2 level in atmosphere can help in combating climate change. Trees/herbs/shrubs can be effective source to replace those CO2. Initiating the program to increase greenery can be one effective way in limiting and reducing CO2 level from atmosphere. This will mean reduction in GHGs level in atmosphere which is must for combating climate change resulted due to human influence.

What are other key benefits?

  • Other benefit goes to individual and society.

Individuals and community can receive economic or product benefit. The entire plan focuses on combating climate change with public participation offering local public short term as well as long term benefits. Our aim to reduce the level of CO2 from atmosphere will be achieved with successful implementation of this action and desired benefit will be achieved by community and individuals participating in this action for the successful implementation of this plan.

What are the proposal’s costs?

  • Proposal cost can be divided into 3 parts


1st part….Cost will be required to establish non-profit organization that works only for successful implementation of this plan and initiate other climate action within the tenure of this organization and for mobilization of members in various areas.


2nd part…Cost for organizing awareness program and buying of tree sapling for tree plantation program and offering to individuals(This cost can be reduced by demanding government to provide certain number of sapling for the particular area)


3rd part…Cost for providing certain sum to different communities for their effort of planting trees and preserving it.


There will be additional cost for the advertisement of this project to get more individual to participate in this campaign.


Time line


  • The time-line for this action will be about 20 years.


It is also dependent upon the type of tree used for plantation.

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