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Laur Hesse Fisher

Jan 9, 2015


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Dear Churches Produce! team, Thank you for your entry. As this is a project seeking ideas and support, I have moved it to the Proposal Workspace, where you can continue to develop it and share on this idea with peers. Best of luck! ~~ Laur Climate CoLab Project Manager

Hemant Wagh

Feb 23, 2015


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Its a nice idea to invoke and involve religious feelings and institutions to help solve the earth's problems. A simple activity has been suggested at this platform which shares your feelings, kindly go through it and give your valuable feedback. Link is below.

Olawale Olaniyan

Apr 25, 2015


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This idea is good and has a huge feasibility on the premise that people tend to respect and obey their religious leaders. Using a religious system as an approach to solving agricultural and environmental challenges is realizable. The team is encouraged to take the idea further. I look forward to reading your next version of the proposal. Best wishes, Olawale Climate CoLab Contest Catalyst