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Money drives everything today & is the reason we are suffering from Climate Change. Money incentives & fines will help mitigate this problem



By creating policies and legislature that create even bigger incentives for green roofs, installing residential and business solar panels, gradient warming/cooling, light sensors, energy efficient appliances, trading in gas guzzlers for EVs, low flow bath plumbing devices, etc. And tax incentives for people who donate land to be designated as green space/pocket parks. Green spaces prevent 40% runoff from floods in dense urban areas. We also need to create tax incentives to get water bottling businesses out of drought stricken California. States need to grow produce that is designated for their particular climate like we used to do in the 1800s.

What actions do you propose?

President Obama can initiate the process to establish policies and set the example for other countries to follow. He has already put this in motion with his recent remarks wherein he stated "climate change is a national threat".

Who will take these actions?

Global, National, Regional, State & Municipal governments. And of course, our residents and businesses. Everyone is a stakeholder.

Where will these actions be taken?

All over the world!

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Researchers at Michigan State University concluded that green roofs sequester approximately 1.52 metric tons of carbon per acre. Imagine if every home in the world had a green roof!?

What are other key benefits?

Money, if steered correctly via cash incentives and/or fines can help get us back on track to a circular economy.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Primarily labor for the government officials to create the policies and procedures for the climate change incentives & fines. Perhaps NGOs like the Gates Foundation could donate money to help establish recycling centers where they are non exist.

Time line

Now because we've run out of time! We are already in the midst of severe weather patterns, floods, droughts and sea level rise.

Related proposals

I was recently shortlisted for a Sea Level Rise competition. You can watch the presentation titled Rising Sea Level: Florida's Future Under the Microscope here.