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The main theme of this plan is to have atleast one cow per farmer so that the land ,air and soil pollution can be reduced by its products



: Before World War - 2,INDIA did'nt have the knowledge of artificial fertilizers  and pesticides. after world war-2 due to modernisation and development of these artificial fertilizers,farmers were prone to the use of  these artificial fertilizers for obtaining more profit . When they first used these artificial fertilizers to the virgin land,profit was increased.  First when they used 1 kg of urea the land yielded 17 and a half kg (approx)output. Due to this, the farmers continued using this urea  and as a result the natural organic matter(nutrients) in the soil started to deplete. Over a period of time, the nutrients completely vanished in the soil. Again when the farmers used the same 1kg of urea the output was not 17 and a half kg instaed it was only 3 and a half kg. So to meet this gap more amout of urea was added, 5kg of urea was used. This resulted in the production of more urea , which is harmful and causes pollution .Now when rain comes , some of the urea gets washed away and gets percolated to the soil and when  grass grows there ,it carries the urea and inturn when it is eaten by animals like cows ,the urea gets spread in its body and the milk we get may contain urea . Due to this we , humans are also affected . The main theme is that , due to the increase in demand for urea , the urea producing companies gets increased as a result those companies release enormous amount of gas into the atmosphere. This causes pollution

                                           Due to the advent of the pesticides, the biological activity rate has fallen down.The continous use of pesticides degrade the organic matter in the soil and due to the fumigants pollination rate is affected and these fumigants get in to the plant system .the intake of this, causes infections to animals, when they die their body gets deceased and decomposed the infected micro organisms in animals bodies gets multiplied causing the spread of diseases (air pollution).

                                           Now by using natural products there will be reduction in pollution and also the earthworms which are the farmers friend gets increased in the land and they come to the top of the soil there by tilting the soil which is not the case in using pesticides and fertilizers.if we use artificial fertilizers the earthwormshide under the soil and hence the natural process is not ensured

Material required:

a)      Cow dung- 10 Kg
b)      Cow urine-10 Liters
c)      Black Jaggery- 2 kg
d)     Basan( Chick Pea Flour)- 2 Kg
e)      Plastic Drum- 200 Litres capacity

Method of preparation:

First of all take 200 litres of water in the drum. Add 10 Kg of cow dung to it and mix well. Add powdered jiggery and chick pea flour, mix it well. Cover the drum with jute bag and let it ferment for a week by mixing every two days.  This mixture can be used within 2-3 days of mixing.  After a week, the microbes develop in the mixture which can be used with irrigation water, sprinkler system or drip system

Which proposals are included in your plan and how do they fit together?

buildings : its not necessary to have a separate building for this,this can be prepared in the home itself,there is no need of industry like the ones which are required for producing artificial fertilizers and pesticides and there by decreasing the pollutions,  transportation is very feasible and there is no hazardous effect on humans . the energy required for this production is very less when compared to the production of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, in the present  day life the usage of pesticides and fertilizers has been increased and that implies the wastage to the cowdung.hence there will be a lot of wastage ,so instead of that if we use the dung as a manure there will be no waste magement and the fertility and strength of the soil increases .There is a enough land to have a crop in india for  farmers so there will be no issue about land use, also the land pollution also gets decreased by adopting this method.

assumptions:it is to be assumed each farmer have one cow to eradicate this problem of pollution and also the industries producing urea (chemicals) to be banned,this implies to no pollution or decreased amount

1.The cost of the products were said by the farmers.

2. Urea is just an example of artificial fertilizer , there are  many other artificial fertilizers.                      

   Another interesting thing about this cowdung is that, when bhopal tragedy took place almost everyone in that place died. only a few survived, one of the survived man said that, he covered his home with full of cowdung cakes and he burned the cakes  and when the gas leaked in to the surroundings,it couldn’t able to enter his house due to the presence of cow dung gas produced by the burning of cakes,therefore  he was not affected(although he was slightly affected by inhaling cowdung gas there is a solution in medical_some thing is better than nothing) . this proves that this cowdung can even resist the harmful gas leak into its

Explanation of the emissions scenario calculated in the Impact tab

What are the plan’s key benefits?

key benifits.:the land,air,water pollution can be made nill by using this natural method discusssed in this objective. not only the land is getting polluted by using chemicals but also our health,by using cowdung and its urine as a manure we can overcome this problems, the smell of this cowdung make the infectious bacteria and fungi get off and also it increases the living beings immunae system. neem seed oil can also be useed to get rid of the pesticides.

What are the plan’s costs?


The cost proposal given below is for only during the first time experimentation and then after the prices will goes to minimum

Cost for research: The cost is given on one time cultivation basis(for one acre),i.e.,lets us thake the example of paddy takes atleast 3 to 4 months to the cost includes for 3 months

cow:480 $

Dry grass for cow(feeding cost):296.875 $ (for three months)

jaggery:157.375 $

besan:250 $

maintanence:1000 $

total:2184 $

the mixture is to be applied before seeding ,the required amount of paddy for one acre of land for paddy cultivation is 3 tonns,a cow can produce it in a span of 3 months .

After experiment or research ,to impliment this plan it takes just 30 dollars for one acre for one time cultivation where as the pesticides and fertilizers would take some100 dollars .so this will be the best process

After implimentation there will be rise in prices after few days ,so before itself the plan of having cow per farmer is to be enacted.


What are the key challenges to enacting this plan?

Key challenges:the first challenge is to create awareness about the use of jeevamanthra as a manure for the crops,the farmers may think that the output will be high when the pesticides and fertilizers are used,but they actually don’t know about the problems about that, so the aware ness is to be injected in to them.

               The second key challenge is to have atleast one cow for one farmer after the cost for natural manure reaches to maximum value, so that the wont be any purchasing activity taking place for natural manure.

                The another challenge is to create awareness about the medical importance of cows urine .as this is used for curing so many diseases


Immediately the permission for preparing and producing this ultimate product should be given by the government,the government have to look over the farmers who dont have their own cows with them,the usage of pesticides and fertilizers should be decrease for the first few days and there after it will be reduced automaticully,the NSS groups should create an awareness in the villages about this natural process.

Related plans

this plan can also used for kitchen gardening,also there is a lot of importancein thge preparation opf biogas,

 use of biogas would generate enough electricity to meet up to 3% of the continent's electricity expenditure, In addition, biogas could potentially help reduce global climate change. High levels of methane are produced when manure is stored under anaerobic conditions. During storage and when manure has been applied to the land, nitrous oxide is also produced as a byproduct of the denitrification process. Nitrous oxide (N2O) is 320 times more aggressive than carbon dioxide,and methane 21 times more than carbon dioxide.

By converting cow manure into methane biogas via anaerobic digestion, the millions of cattle in the United States would be able to produce 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to power millions of homes across the United States. In fact, one cow can produce enough manure in one day to generate 3 kilowatt hours of electricity.


References: we (the team) had taken the reviews from farmers of different parts of india and framed an idea to change the climate of india.