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Plaza Bike Rack by Sportworks

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Hannah Clark

Oct 20, 2015


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Thank you for your submission!  Please let me know if your team has any questions or comments on the competition.  We look forward to reviewing your submission at the end of the competition.

Hannah Clark

Dec 14, 2015


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Hello Sportworks!

Thank you for your proposal to the High Density Urban Bike Parking competition. With the competition wrapping up in January, we wanted to inquire as to how we can be of assistance as you further develop your proposal. Please let us know what additional information we can provide or if we can connect you to any of the competition advisors!

Thank you!


Martin Bechthold

Jan 21, 2016


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A simple design - essentially a bent tube, clever. Leaning of bikes against the stand, and locking to the tube should work fine, but bike density is probably relatively low ...

Jim Newman

Jan 29, 2016


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Ya'll produce a very nice rack. Pretty sweet.

And I am very excited that you have a Declare label (I am an LBC consultant). Shows commitment.

This is highly appropriate in this setting, though i agree with Martin that the density is a bit of an issue. I suspect that you hit a max density pretty quick. Any thoughts on that?

- jim

Matt Childs

Mar 23, 2016


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Thank you for your comments as they are taken into consideration for future designs.

The high density Plaza rack is designed in 4, 6, 8, 12 capacity configurations and is a great way to efficiently park a bike safely. The technical drawings, specifications, cut sheets, and space use diagrams are on our website at under the Bike Parking product tab.

The intent of this rack is to provide an alternative to historically terrible racks such as the wave rack (go to for more information on this). By angling the parking, alternating the handlebars and providing a natural lean for the bike, the Plaza rack is the most functional horizontal bike rack on the market as it was designed around bikes parked in space.

Feel free to connect with me to discuss further at, 425-483-7000.