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Plaza Bike Rack by Sportworks

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The most functional bike rack on the market. The Plaza was designed with the cyclist in mind to provide high density with ease of access.


Team Description

Sportworks has been designing and manufacturing bicycle products since 1990. We invented the industry’s first Bike-Rack-for-Buses™ in 1993 and also create optimized bike parking solutions. So what’s the Sportworks difference? We don’t settle for the status quo! We are dedicated to the continual pursuit of improving transportation methods. We work hand-in-hand with customers to create innovative products and we’re passionate about making the world more accessible to bicycling.

Design Summary

The Sportworks PlazaTM double sided bike rack is designed to provide organized, intuitive, space efficient bike parking all within a beautiful sculptural design.

The PlazaTM bike rack was designed to address the shortcomings of existing “coat hanger" and "ribbon" style racks. Each bike is provided its own parking location and is supported so handlebars can't twist, keeping bikes upright and orderly. Bikes are parked in an angled orientation, minimizing bike-to-bike interference and allowing for easy loading and unloading. The Sportworks PlazaTM meets APBP bike parking standards allowing both the bike's wheel and the frame to be secured using a variety of lock types.

Available in both eight and twelve bike, double sided versions, the PlazaTM can be ordered in either stainless steel or powder coated mild steel. The PlazaTM is easily and efficiently installed with two mounting anchors or can be used free standing without mounting anchors.

Design Approach

The Sportworks Plaza™ single sided bike rack delivers organization, density, and security in a compact footprint. With "zero clearance" installation, it's the perfect solution for narrow spaces, sidewalks or directly next to a building - ideal for Kendall Square. The double sided version is designed to provide high density, organized bike parking, all within a space efficient footprint. For an open area, this would be your best option. The intent of this bike rack is to allow the cyclist to 'get in, get out, and get moving' quickly by providing the most functional design possible. We even created a 'natural lean' by designing the rack with a 5 degree angle the help cradle the bike.

Design Proposal

Double-Sided Version is at this link. Technical information is at the right-hand side of the webpage.

Single-Sided Version is at this link. Technical information is at the right-hand side of the webpage.

Estimated Production Costs

Double-Sided (8 & 12 capacity) range between $950-$1365. Finish options of mild steel with powdercoat or stainless steel.

Single-Sided (4 & 6 capacity) range between $650-$975. Finish options of mild steel with powdercoat or stainless steel.

Lead time is 15 business days (plus estimated 6 days shipping time to MA).


Lead time is 15 days. We design/manufacture everything at our single facility. Prototype is not applicable as this is an established design that is unique to the bike parking industry.

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LEED, Buy America, Made in America, APBP and our nearly 25 years in the industry. 

The Living Building Challenge is one of the most sustainable programs in existence. As part of the LBC, they have a Declare Program which ensures the products/materials are sustainable, recyclable, and emissions friendly. Sportworks is the ONLY bike rack manufacturer in this program and is something we are proud of. We aim to improve our environment wherever we are able and being environmentally conscious is one way we can make that happen.