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Easy To Use, Flexible, Reusable Bike Parking System


Team Description

Software Engineer

Design Summary

High Density: - Individually adjustable, sliding parking bars can help conserve space based on the bicycle size (bicycle with carriers etc)

Accessible: - The individual bars can be slid together, locked and wheeled to adjacent place or can be loaded and transported using a vehicle.

Cost effective: - very simple design and easy to manufacture without needing for additional technologies.

Design Approach

The design approach is based on following from the design guide.

    Usability: - This system is closely resembles the existing biking system where separator bars that marks individual parking space.

                       The separator bars are shaped vertical and additional movable bar is attached across the width that can be moved to adjust the height according to bicycle height.

                      Each separator bar can be moved across the horizontal platform to enable to park the bicycles with different width/sizes.

    Flexibility: - Whole system (both the horizontal structure and individual vertical bars   ) can be dismantled for storage and easy transport. This short-term parking system can be extended to long-term parking by adding more horizontal/vertical bars to allow parking more no. of bicycles. For weather protection a tent like structure can be attached to the parking system with easy accessible to move in and out of the covered parking system.

   Durability/Reliability: - The system can be designed with steel/stainless steel materials for sturdiness and durability. For the tent system can also made of sturdy materials to protect from weather and for safe storage needs

Design Proposal

Estimated Production Costs

Assuming some what closer to the budget it takes for the currently existing similar kind of bike stalls + some additional cost associated with the need for flexibility as mentioned in the design approach.


Not sure. I am still novice in these types of projects.

Basically I wanted to add a proposal here just to see whether I am able to think of possible ways to meet the contest requirements.

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Main references are from this contest web page documents/links.