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Pedalpush is the bike parking solution. Pedal, park, repeat!


Team Description

Vaughn Horn is a member of the American Institute of Architects and Vice President of the Boston Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects. He is LEED AP, NCARB Certified, and California licensed architect. He is owner of Vaughn Horn Design LLC. He holds a B.Arch degree from University of Southern California, and M.Arch degree from Syracuse University. Currently, he is an Education Director at Boston Architectural College and Doctor of Design student at Harvard University. 

Design Summary

The modular design allows for multiple lockers placed in a multitude of locations throughout Kendall Square and beyond.  The narrow profile allows passers-by not to collide with commuters and long term bike storage.  The costs of production are not passed on to the consumer.  The price to rent a locker aims to be cheaper than leasing a Hubway bike.

Design Approach

Inspired by Haarlem Sation and Jaarbuersplien in the Netherlands, PedalPush provides a module for two-tier sliding racks that accommodates various shapes and sizes of commuter, family, and junior bikes.  The staggered arrangement within each module allows the maximum amount of bikes to fit within the minimum amount of space.  In addition, the upper racks are leased for long-term parking in order to maximize commuter efficiency.  As a module, the PedalPush bike vault is easily repeated, and fits the architectural style of Kendall Square; forward thinking, clean lines, and eco-friendly.  The narrow profile also allows the bike vault to be placed in a myriad of locations in Kendall Square without impeding on PedalPush's self sustaining electricity is generated from roof-mounted solar panels, which provide night lighting and provides power to the kiosk.      

Design Proposal

Estimated Production Costs

Each unit will cost $600-$800 to construct.


6 months total: 2 months to develop prototype, 1 month to test, 3 months to mass produce.  

Related proposals

Cheaper than Hubway, and allows you to park your own bike based on your needs, with added safety not offered by traditional open bike racks.