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Hannah Clark

Dec 14, 2015


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Thank you so much for partaking in the High Density Urban Bike parking competition! We are looking forward to reviewing final submissions at the end of January. In the meantime, please let us know how we can be of assistance and any additional information we can provide.



Nick Tsapakos

Dec 21, 2015


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This design is clever in how it uses vertical space without requiring that people are able to lift and hang a bicycle.  I think what would take this to the next level is something on the rack that prevents bikes from tipping onto one another.  What often clogs a rack is that bikes will be leaning on one another and an owner will push all the bikes in order to remove there bike from the rack.  One potential solution is an L shaped bar that freely moves 90 degrees, mounted to the top of the rack and hangs down over the bike wheel.  This would keep the wheel of the bike that is sitting in the steel tire holder close to the upright support bar.  This is an instance where a picture is worth a thousand words.  The added cost would be minimal, and a bike rack that kept all the bikes from tipping onto one another would increase order and ease of use, not to mention fewer mangled bike parts.



Martin Bechthold

Jan 21, 2016


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Efficient design that allows for high density bike storage. The aesthetics are purely functional - maybe that is worth another stab? Is there a version where bikes are pushed in only from one side, so for installing against a wall? It would be helpful to see a few alternative designs, so thinking of the system as something that can adapt to different locations.

Jim Newman

Jan 29, 2016


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This is pretty sweet.

I am interested in getting a sense of how it might work in different settings. Might be cool to try inserting one of the renderings into an image of a location in Kendall...

- jim