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Designed for providing bike security in compact areas. Using American sourced parts that are easily reproducible and low cost.


Team Description

Individually designed utilizing parts from various racks in our collection. Each rack will be hand crafted by Wisconsin craftsmen. 

Design Summary

Since the bikes will be secured next to each other the handlebars and pedals won't interfere with each other and it should be easy to load and unload a bike to the rack. The parts are all steel, except for the plastic caps on the square tube, and are easily reproducible and low cost. Since they are rail mounted they can be delivered in a smaller package, reducing shipping costs.

Design Approach

This is a design for short or long term parking. The front wheel will be placed in the triangle shaped wheel pocket, which encourages the lean of the bike toward the lock bar. This feature prevents the bikes from colliding with bikes nearby. The lock bar is long enough to use a U Lock to secure the frame and front wheel of the bike to the rack. The racks are in close proximity to each other, making high density parking possible.  

Design Proposal

T Rack rendering with Bikes shown:

T Rack rendering shown:

T Rack drawing:

Estimated Production Costs

For a single powder coated or galvanized T Rack the cost would be $849. 


14 business day lead time from the day the request is received. 

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Over 26 years producing bike racks. The steel used to manufacture our bike racks is produced in the United States using the basic oxygen furnace process. Sustainability, especially environmental sustainability, is the key.