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Is lack of space the issue? Lacking visual appeal, bike storage begs for being hidden. Make it beautiful, so people want more of it.


Team Description

Design Summary

Applying design thinking concepts, we should challenge the notion that bike storage's space should only be minimized. If bike racks where beautiful to look at, we would find more space for them. Municipalities would treat it like they treat modern art. Can we make bike storage incredibly visually appealing?

Some ideas

1) crowdsource big design names to create or reuse artwork for the racks - the design can be applied as a wrapper. From luxury to apparel to car to watch to visual arts - everyone can have a great idea that adds unique texture to these structures. And clearly no-name designers with great ideas can have sparks of genius too

2) get sculptors/painters and data scientists to collaborate to identify patterns that create interesting visual effects when bikes are added to the mix - generating an infinite number of new visual structures...for example using concepts from fractal theory, or pointillism

3) get special plastics manufacturers such as Dupont or 3M to think of easy-to-manufacturer and easy-to-deploy films and other solutions to facilitate adoption. 

Design Approach

Design Proposal

Estimated Production Costs


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