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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Judge 1:

Who will be your client/sponsor/champion/primary contact? Great idea, but for it to be productive you need to identify the individual or individuals within the government of the City of Cambridge that will fill these roles. Who are they, how will you engage them, and how will you maintain those relationships despite the turnover you see in political institutions? You will need to overcome the fact that politicians often are wary of groups of engineers and scientists who offer their services for free. Addressing these questions will greatly strengthen your proposal.

This is a very practical suggestion, and an ideal starting point for learning how to implement these kinds of partnerships worldwide.

Judge 2:

If I understand this proposal correctly you plan to identify Cambridge's environmental issues; populate a network of interested parties from MIT faculty & staff, MIT alumni, Cambridge city leaders; use the Climate CoLab to crowdsource climate solutions for Cambridge; communicate your success to other cities.

If I am correct this is a potentially intriguing proposal. My questions mostly lie in the area of what connections have you made in Cambridge government (or how do you plan to do it). As with most of these proposals yours is full of what we will do and has virtually nothing about how we plan to do it. For this proposal to reach its full potential, it must contain sufficient thought on how you will go about executing what you say you will do.

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