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Solar Skyways Challenge by Solar Skyways Team

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Bill James

Jan 21, 2016


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This is entirely practical. The Congressional Office of Technology Assessment Study PB-244854 (published in 1974) outlined how PRT could make American cities independent of foreign oil and listed the greatest barrier as "institutional failures".

Freight railroads average 476 ton-miles per gallon. Combining overhead rail efficiency with the on-demand capacity of the Internet, the Physical Internet® can be built. 

Solar collectors over the rails gather 5 megawatt-hours per mile per day, or about 40,000 vehicle-miles of power. 

The law to allow such innovation in Massachusetts is Senate Bill #1837.

Bill James

Jan 30, 2016


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The effort at San Jose State is excellent. Transportation is the catalyst for changing energy systems. Power mobility with sunshine and burning coal and oil will be viewed in the future as deforestation of the 1800's is viewed today.