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Keri Drake

Mar 4, 2016


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We have further developed our proposal to explain how the app would work to engage donors and keep them updated on funding projects. We have also described how donors would be recognized for their contributions.

Alison Halderman

Mar 19, 2016


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I like this a lot. I am assuming MIT already has had targeted donations and a system for dealing with them, but words are powerful so creating a "Give Green" division of that is a good first step.

My comment is just to remember that "small is beautiful" and don't wait to create the whole structure before taking action. Look for the steps to plant and germinate and grow in stages so it takes right off. One reason I am supporting this proposal is because your "Adopt a Roof" idea is a good example of this.

The other reason is that quantifying progress and providing feedback to donors are seriously win win strategies for donor satisfaction and increasing future donations, from anyone looking at that progress. How exciting to be a part of such movement.


Alison Halderman,

neither a student or an alumni, but an at large CoLab member in Oregon, with Ecofiction Challenge in the Shifting contest...