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BBQs burn charcoal, Pyrolitic/Gasifying stoves make Biochar for increased Soil fertility and Soil carbon sequestration.



As a match burns it's flame protects the wood from turning to ash. TLUD Stoves, (Top Lit Up-Draft),  do the same. They burn only the wood gases and smokelessly make Charcoal, called Biochar when amended to soils.

These Clean Biomass Stoves turn a B-B-Q, detrimental to the climate, to an act of Carbon Dioxide Removal from the atmosphere, (CDR).

If all biomass cooking was done this way 850 million tons of CO2 is removed per annum.

The World Bank Study;

Biochar Systems for Small Holders in Developing Countries, Levaraging Current Knowledge and Exploring Future Potential for Climate-Smart Agriculture;  http//  

The cascading pulmonary health benefits for women & children is the very thick icing on this nearly 1/2 GtC Soil Carbon Cake.               

What actions do you propose?

The alumni who B-B-Q can easily construct or buy these stoves to replace their B-B-Q grills, stop burning biomass, enhance their garden soil and never need to buy charcoal again. Some of the stoves on the market have thermo-electric generators for cell phones & flash lights

Putting on these Char-B-Q events as an object lesson of what we all could do to be carbon negative while building healthy fertile soils.

Across Africa, India and central America such TLUD stoves have turned subsistence farmers into peasant farmers in a single growing year. Providing a cash crop and increasing their total economic returns by 25%.

Currently, the death rate from smoke inhalation is greater than that of Malaria & AIDS combined.