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Crowdfunding of Dashcameras& wearable Cams &Space International Collections Of visual Scientific Climate Change Data For Science. And more.



Having concrete visual Consequences of Climate Change by Locations over Time have significant Value for Scientific Developments necessary to mitigate and  reduce Climate Change Effects. And such Video Data based from the Public could offer concrete Places for the Public, or even affected People to see and "share" important Details of what is happening and more during Severe Weather Events:

MIT Alumni would be at this Stage more Ideal for Creation of App(s) and Websites based on local as well as Global Levels for such Purposes of Sharing important visual Local Climate Data directly in Real-Time. Not only since there might be Censorship Issues to consider in Emergency Situations, such as People accidentally broadcasting their own drowning.


What actions do you propose?

The Alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has the most Academic Technologists and the National and International Network necessary.

Implementation Short:
The Time and GPS-based visual Global Collections of Climate Change Effects are Scientifically of unmeasurable valuable.

Additively would some Citizen posted Video-Footages be valuable in
in the News Media as the Meteor video from Russia and various Climate / Atmosphere related Video over the past Years have proven.
And  could be designed to Pay the Poster per Views, and scientific Relevancy or Otherwise.

P.S.: These Videos should certainly not be stored in one Place/City as , neither alone on Youtube, but based on Systems which ensure Data-Security even if Server-rooms in Silicon Valley should coincidentally flood.

I would like the additive the utilization of wearable Cameras  and the Project as Passive "Defense" and Video-streaming Tool for U.S. gun States.
I am seeking Partner for Conception, Development and Global Implementation.