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Setup a collaborative platform where MIT alumni would moderate discussions and mentor the process of bringing innovative ideas to the market



Think globally and act locally! It will be interesting to see MIT alumni impact  to Mali, France, Zimbabwe, Germany, Tanzania, India etc.! Only through a simple collaborative or open innovation platform, MIT alumni can  come together and work with the citizens of the whole world to source and implement best ideas in the local level. I know students and experts from the academics, government agencies, industry , NGOs and professional organizations in lower income countries - the underserved and those most heavily impacted by the effects of climate change, will be delighted to ask questions (in their own languages), discuss about funding, proposal writing, prototype testing, product developments, marketing strategy etc.

What actions do you propose?

  1. Design and development of the simple collaborative platform. ( It has to be simple than Linkedin, or even this Climate CoLab! Any complicated design will never gain popularity in Africa and maybe other countries)
  2. Identify locations (countries) where MIT alumni live or are (or would like to be) active then distribute them equally to every country of the world.
  3. MIT alumni in every country will identify key stakeholders and invite them in the platform.
  4. Stakeholders will post or share their current and/or planned climate change activities or initiations in their communities.
  5. Stakeholders will seek new knowledge, validation of their concepts and prototypes, partnerships and funding opportunities, etc.
  6. MIT alumni in every country will moderated discussions with the local experts and offer advisory support
  7. MIT alumni in every country will make efforts to connect local experts and their initiations to rest of the world
  8. New industries, jobs and wealth will be created